video 8bit White Mage PC
My newest 8 bit creation. The Black Mage PC is also on here if you poke around :). The Black Mage was getting lonely so it was about time I made his partner :)

Her stats are:
2k wooden cubes
2 Glue bottles
I7-680 cpu
intel DP55SB
40gb SSD
4gigs Ddr3

Most of the hardware is a great thanks to Intel and CPU magazine as they gave me the parts for this pc at PAX EAST 2010 for winning a case mod contest (with the black mage and my other 8bit PC Super Mushroom). I plan to have this pc at Pax 2011 so hopefully they like what I did with the hardware! A great thanks to my g/f for helping throughout the build process. You can see her cameo more in this one then the others :)
zelphos3 years ago
Where did you get your wooden cubes from?
http://www.craftparts.com/blocks-squares-wooden-c-209.html u can get them here and other places just type in wood cubes and find a size u can work with
kve233 years ago
Thats awesome but i wouldn't have the patience to build and paint that whole thing :)
diabel4 years ago
Nice t-shirt and music. ;]
zack2474 years ago
i see the black mage joined you in the build of this mod?
peblairman4 years ago
I love it. FFI is one of my favorite retro games. I dig the Black mage.
demonfox4 years ago
oh wow, the black mage was easily in my top 10 pc mods ever, this topsit easily, kudos to you
thorkon (author)  demonfox4 years ago
Ha thanks I like them both equally :)
derwassi4 years ago
Great music by the way;-)
thorkon (author)  derwassi4 years ago
Thanks, OCremix.org has alot of good music!