Introduction: 8x8 Matrix Snake Game

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All credit goes to Jorg Visch, from whom I based this project off of and got most of my code from, his arduino link is here

Step 1: Necessary Parts

To create this project, you need:

1 8x8 LED Matrix Mini

1 Breadboard

1 Arduino Uno

Assorted Jumper Cables

2 Buttons

Step 2: Supplementary Code

There are two files needed to run the project,located in the attached zip file, as well as two libraries needed to run the Matrix. The first is the Adafruit GFX library, found here, and the Adafruit LED backpack library, found here

Step 3: Wiring

Picture of Wiring

Attached here is the Fritzing file needed to wire the matrix up, just follow the wiring shown in the diagram and it should work fine

Step 4: Finished Project

This is how the project should look after completion, if it doesn't please go through said steps again


hungd18 (author)2017-09-07

you can help me repair this error: 'buttonClicked' was not declared in this scope, please

abertuola (author)2017-08-12

Great idea. I'll get my school kids to give it a go.

ljcorky (author)2017-02-27

great works perfectly all i had to do was wire it up and copy and past the buttons code into the snake 8x8 matrix code. the only question i have is there any way i could have it so if you go off the side off the matrix you die/get restarted

Jordy2610 (author)ljcorky2017-04-05

I havn't looked at this code, but I made a snake game on the max7219 and i constantly tracked the position of the snake. if he got over the edge i would run a game over function

hlsierrastew (author)ljcorky2017-02-27

Im not sure but I think for a matrix you can't, but again im not too sure

inventorinlearning (author)2017-03-20

can i used 8x8 led matrix with MAX7219 Dot LED Matrix Kit? thx

No, from what I know you have to use the 12c Adafruit backpack

hlsierrastew (author)2017-03-02


Swansong (author)2017-02-27

That looks fun :)

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