Picture of 8x8x8 led cube (build)

There are several different entries on this sight and many others on how to build led cubes. These cubes range from a novices 2x2x2 (eight leds) to the daunting task of the 8x8x8 (512 leds). Most people find that making the cubes one plane or (insert dimension here)x(insert dimension here) at a time is the standard way but, I have found it harder to solder the middle sections once you add the planes. Thus, this entry on a different method to reduce the frustration in making a Light Emitting Diode cube.

I will be walking through the 8x8x8 cube because this is a project that several people have tackled and many more would like to attempt in the future.

Materials needed:

Jig: wood, cardboard, or any other material that will not melt, is sturdy and can have holes placed into it.

LEDs: color does not matter but, will effect the voltage going through the cube

Soldering materials: iron and solder

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Step 1: Getting to know the LEDs

Picture of Getting to know the LEDs

For a little background information on Leds and their properties please refer to the chart attached (below).

As you can see different LEDs have different attributes that may require you to chose some over others.

The other thing to consider is whether you are going to be using a common anode(+) or cathode(-) in your design 
(the picture with the red led shows (a) as the Anode(+) and k as the Cathode(-)
That cube looks yucky, its not really even a cube. Its more of a deformed blob of jello dumped out of a cube-shaped mold. Not that that's always bad, some people seem to like that style, I just don't happen to.
I believe his idea here was to construct a cube if your soldering skills are non-existent to novice. Putting together a neat looking cube is definitely a trick, and other instructables may produce similar looking cubes but are assembled in a much more difficult manner. I did make assembling a nice looking cube easier for the less practised in the art of soldering. This also is why I created 3 different PCBoards for different levels of expertise. You can see my instructable HERE.

The above boards are now all discontinued.

The current boards look more like this.

do you think that if the cube was really big you could make it show a face
I have made a "revisited" instructable on how (mostly) to make the cube much more easily. It practically aligns itself.
thank u for the instructable
thank u for the instructable
thank u for the instructable
ottomon1 year ago
im sorry but the LEDs kinda look all over the place
no_light2 years ago
may i ask why your cube looks.... like that?!