Okay, so the actual cost was $9.01 at my local big box home and garden store. However, that was for everything.

I was scheduled to go on a bike ride the upcoming weekend, and wanted an inexpensive way to mount my expensive iPhone to the handlebar of my bike. This was so I could use a biking GPS app while riding.

I already had a LIFEPROOF® frē case and matching belt clip for my phone, so the $9.01 doesn’t include that. However, my bike mount could work for most any holster and case. The LIFEPROOF® frē combination does make my setup pretty bulletproof, though. I’m not associated with LIFEPROOF®, but I like the frē case because it’s shockproof, waterproof and dirtproof. (Please see their web page for details.) The belt clip that matches the case has a rotating belt attachment and a unique feature: A lock switch that secures the phone in the cradle-like clip. When that switch is in the locked position, the phone is not coming loose, not without destroying the holster. The holster itself is made of very tough plastic, so that’s not likely to happen with the kind of riding I do.

Let’s move on to the actual bike mount. Here’s the finished product, sans the iPhone. (Please ignore the lawn mower the bike is leaning against.)

As you can see, this mount will place the device front and center on the handlebar, right in front of the rider.
Parts you’ll need:
2 each ¾” conduit hangers
4 each ¼”-20 nylon self-locking or “safety” nuts
2 each ¼”-20, ¾” long machine screws
Roll of ¾” wide, 7/16” thick rubber foam, self-adhesive weather stripping (you actually only need two pieces about an inch-and-a-half long.)
Plastic outdoor-use, single-gang, blank electrical box cover (you could use anything you want here, as long as you think it’s sturdy enough: Wood, plastic, metal, whatever.)

Step 1: Measure and Cut the Plastic Blank Cover

This is the piece the belt clip will actually clip onto. It’s too wide for the clip to attach to well, so it must be trimmed.

Find the center of the cover.

Line the belt clip up on the cover with the center point and mark where the clip ends.

Use a small T-Square or other right-angle device to carry your marks to the edge of the plate. Then use your favorite cutting tool to cut out the waste. I used my Dremel. 

Hint: Cut on the waste side of the lines. This plastic material is easy to work with and it’s easy to trim more plastic off, but impossible to add plastic back.)

Here’s what you should end up with.

The belt clip goes on like so.

What you’ll find, though, is that the plate isn’t thick enough and the belt clip will wiggle around a lot. Help keep it secure by adhering two strips of the rubber foam to upper side of the plate, above the cutout.

When you're done, the belt clip will attach to the plate quite nicely.

Roll Wave!! Class of '04 myself. <br> <br>Nice 'ible by the way.
Just Made My Own. Thanks For The Idea
This is pretty sweet. Good idea!

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