Picture of 9 Surprising Uses For Mustard (that don't involve a sandwich)
Oh mustard, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...there's yellow, spicy, honey, dijon, horseradish, whole grain...muscle relaxant?!

Yes, just when you thought your favorite condiment couldn't get any better, I present to you 9 unusual uses for mustard that go beyond sandwich-making.

But first, a little mustard history!

Way back when, the Romans were first introduced to mustard seeds by the Egyptians. They mixed unfermented grape juice with ground mustard, and called this concoction "must" - hence mustard!

Step 1: Soothes Sore Throats

Picture of Soothes Sore Throats
Your favorite team just had their big game, and after cheering them on your throat is feeling a little raw. Hopefully you have some leftover mustard from that tailgate party on hand, because it will get you root-root-root-ing for the home team in no time.

Combine mustard, the juice of one half of a fresh lemon, one tablespoon of salt, one tablespoon of honey, and one half cup of boiling water. Mix the ingredients thoroughly. Let the mixture cool for 10 minutes. Take some in your mouth and gargle! Warning: this concoction will not taste or smell good. After a few rounds of gargling, your throat should be feeling a lot less sore.

For the truly adventurous and brave, put one cap of mouthwash into the mix before gargling. This will increase the nastiness of the taste, but will also heighten the benefits.

"Apparently they deer will mistake the scent of the mustard for the scent of sweaty farm workers."

Really ? Does it ?

Moongold715 days ago

One commenter here has advised mustard for burns. I would like to add that good old Epsom Salts are the best treatment I've yet found. Half fill a jar with water and pour enough Salts into that to make it almost a solid mass - totally saturated, that is. If you burn yourself on a stove hotplate and plunge the finger into this straightaway, or apply the mixture to a burn on any other part, the burn will heal quicker than any other treatment, you will have NO blister, and no scar. The CSIRO recognises this as a legitimate and successful treatment for burns, and the reason is that it replaces magnesium that is removed by the burning. Another tip: use an Epsom salts drench in a shower at night to give you a blissful sleep. Here's how: Take a hot shower to cleanse the skin and open pores. Have ready a litre (or quart) of warm water into which 1/4 cup (or 2 ozs.) Epsom salts have been dissolved. When shower is over, slowly pour this solution over the entire body so that as far as possible every part has been covered. Wait a minute or two before drying the skin dry with a towel. Very good for insomnia. Each person has to determine by experience how long to wait before drying with the towel, for this is the secret of success! Some find they can hardly get out of bed and the limbs will feel heavy (truly!) if the body is not thoroughly towel-dried - this of course is too severe, and treatment needs to be modified for each person. Take note of just how much patting or rubbing dry you do and how this then affects your sleep that night, as well as how you feel when you awake. You'll soon learn how brisk the rub-down should be for you to give you an excellent night of unbroken sleep and a fresh awakening in the morning. Treatment has to be used every night to bring lasting results. The salts draw off the toxins thrown off by the skin and at the same time the magnesium is absorbed in part by the skin and conveyed to your nerve endings. If you doubt that the skin will absorb the salts, take a handful of them, moisten it, rub it on the back over the area of your intestines. If done thoroughly, your bowels will be activated as if you had drunk the salts themselves! An Epsom salts bath won't do the job as well as the drench does, as the salts will be too diluted by the amount of bathwater. The drench is also good for lowering high blood pressure, and in children it works to stop bed-wetting. Again, taking the treatments every night gives the desired results, not just for one or two nights. Sorry, know this page is about mustard, but just had to pass this on!

Hooknbullet2 years ago
I love Dijon mustard, but plain old yellow mustard always makes me sleepy! What's that about?

It also does that with me but I've not been able to find anything online about using it for sleep.

valkgurl4 months ago

When you do the "smear on and cover" procedure--that is called a Mustard Plaster. And you should make sure not to leave it on too long or be careful to keep checking as it CAN burn your skin. Make sure to wash it off well afterwards to avoid staining and further burning.

To get mustard seeds of powder (some call it flour) cheaply try a noatural food store or Co-op; if they don't have it they usually can get it for you.

Dry mustard in cooking---add to any melted cheese recipe==Mac 'N' Cheese; (home made or boxed!) to give just a bit of extra flavor--start with about a 1/4 tsp in a boxed batch. Also a lot of recipes involving Sour Cream (not sweetened ones!) are much improved with a bit of it---think Stroganoff or cassaroles; add to dressings; Deviled Eggs; (any egg dish really!); Rib or Brisket Rubs---endless uses!

hgirtman4 years ago
DON'T DO THIS. COLD WATER ONLY FOR BURNS, unless you like having raw burned flesh scrubbed with a brillo pad at the ER. It may work, but you're opening yourself to a chance of serious infection. Just don't do it.
8bit hgirtman4 years ago
Although I enjoy being afraid of things, don't you think you're taking this one a bit far?
ddalton2 8bit3 years ago
Please see my above comment on using the egg whites. The bacteria present in mustard could cause similar infection and serious injury to an open burn.

Don't you think egg whites would have waaay more bacteria than vinegar-y mustard??

Not sure why someone has not yet (until now) clarified PASTEURIZED eggs whites. Pasteurization is the use of heat to destroy bacteria and viruses.
NEVER use cold water, it kills the nerve endings. If you are against mustard, use luke warm or room temperature water. Or a slice of raw potato will draw the heat out as well.
Mustard, in my experience, is almost miraculous on burns.

I used to work at a pizza place during my College years and ended up with more than a few nasty burns from those big ovens, and I swear that regular yellow mustard works wonders.

***Now, you're totally right in that it is important to run cold water on the burn right away for a few minutes.

But afterwards, I recommend putting a very generous gob of mustard over the entire burn, and then wrapping it with a rag or paper towel.

The pain from the burn will usually subside within about 5 minutes and you will likely not have to worry about a bad blister the next day.

I usually leave the mustard compress on my burns for about 30 minutes to an hour.
pieces of a tomato works great as well pulls the sting out of the burn.
As a culinary student, let me tell you guys the best thing I learned for burns: Egg whites. Dip the burn (which is usually on hands for those of us in the kitchen) in egg whites, let it dry, then dip it again. It'll burn like crazy for a second, but the egg whites create a seal.
i must agree on this, since the egg whites (dont ask me why) kinda extract the heat off of the burned or burning skin, and leaves slim to no marks or blisters ;) a pressure cooer blowed up on my mothers face a couple of years ago, half her face was RED AS HELL and starting to blister a few seconds after the blowup, she used eggwhites as a facemask on the burned parts and there were no traces of any kind. (also applied aloe vera crystals after a few hours on the remaining burn marks

Please don't use egg whites for burns. Raw eggs could (read: probably do) contain bacteria, which could seriously harm you if applied to an open wound. Cold water is the best thing.

kcorn2 ddalton25 months ago
Not sure why someone has not yet (until now) clarified PASTEURIZED eggs whites. Pasteurization is the use of heat to destroy bacteria and viruses.

Well, since I use Mustard on Bee stings, I might try the burn remedy as well. Thank you for these tips.

What a great idea! I tried this and it's a fantastic plan. Mustard contains salycilic acid in quite high amounts, so it really acts like a toner. Keep the great suggestions coming!

mistergreen11 months ago

thanks, great info!

lori.balbach11 months ago

Rea, this is off topic but cats in the wild are social eaters. We feed ours at the same time that we eat that way they don't bother us :) Also I've found that a tsp. of yellow mustard works well for muscle aches.

Delfairen4 years ago
I use a little English mustard powder to take the sweetness out of tinned tomatoes when I make chill and bolognese. Its the only think I have found to remove the sweetness of American tinned tomatoes compared to the European tinned tomatoes. You don't taste the mustard at all.
that's a good one- why IS everything soo bloody sweet in the US/Canada??? It's a wonder we're not all 500 lbs!

When everything went 'low fat', manufacturers replaced fat with sugar and salt, for flavour. You have to read ingredient lists more than ever before to avoid the scourge of corn syrup that's in absolutely everything, including bread.

Exactly! And have you noticed that manufacturers play fast and loose with the portions when they list the fat, salt, sugar content of canned or packaged food? On one can of baked beans the portion used was 1/2 cup another can used 1/3 cup. I've pointed that out to a few people and they had no idea.

REA2 years ago
The smell of mustard can also ward off cats. We keep a bottle at the dinner table to keep our cats from jumping on and coming close to our food.

A good swat of the arm gets kitty off the dinner table better than anything :P

Ucidalini1 year ago
My mother use to use mustard rubbed on the bottom of feet as a cure for ear aches. It seamed to work for some reason.
Apparently eating a small dab of mustard helps get rid of heartburn.
taransa3 years ago
Surprised to not see charlie horse relief on the list! Straight apple cider vinegar in warm water is best but anything with vinegar helps (pickles, mustard etc)

Great list though!
thingy4 years ago
Yellow mustard gives an interesting patina to steel. Apply an let sit for an hour or so. The longer it sits, the stranger the patterns that are raised.
gnach thingy3 years ago
That's from the vinegar, acetic acid.
ilpug thingy4 years ago
this works with pretty much any goopy mildly acidic food stuff. make a paste form cornstarch and vinegar, and spread it on. you should have the same effect.
AmyLuthien3 years ago
I've heard that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so only do this if you really like the guy!  :D
I remember being slathered with mustard whenever I got a cold as a kid.
The good old fashioned "Mustard Plaster"...
joshpaz14 years ago
i burnt my leg when i was younger and my aunt told me to put mustard on it and i was hesitant but seeing how im mexican and we have crazy remidies i tried it and it really helped
nefra14 years ago
where do you get mustard oil? just mustard?
You may be able to find it in the same grocery store aisle as Olive Oil, Vinegar, and Sesame Seed Oil.
Honora4 years ago
I met a Russian pediatrician working in a beauty salon here in New Zealand. She said it bothered her to see kids going around barefoot in NZ with runny noses. She said in Russia the child has mustard wiped onto the soles of their feet, then covered and they are put to bed to get rid of their colds.
ilpug Honora4 years ago
i successfully ignored my urge to make an "In Soviet Russia..." joke here.
Lots of excellent ideas and suggestions. Putting mustard on a burn however, is not something you should ever do. Speak with nurses and doctors who work on burn units at hospitals, or paramedics (I am one) and you will learn about the very real danger you are inflicting upon yourself.
very true. the best thing to do is go to the local pharmacy and get some silvadine cream. this is the best burn medicine i have found so far, and instantly reduces pain. plus, its cheap, and lasts for years.
funny, i actually like the smell of skunk. i'd rather smell it than mustard too.
romaine4 years ago
"Your weed count significantly decline."
Be careful with this! Mustard can become the weed, very difficult to get rid of.
nefra14 years ago
a wonder drug
peacenique4 years ago
Ummm...WOW, I'm going to try it on a burger!! **wink**
chicopluma4 years ago
mustard bunny!!
chicopluma4 years ago
if your boyfriend tries to bite you, he's not a zombie
chicopluma4 years ago
I lunch a spicy instant soup when my nose is a pain, but this can be very usefull now that I don't have any soups left
avanner774 years ago
I think you mean "this concoction will not taste OR smell good" in the first step.
kazmataz (author)  avanner774 years ago
all fixed - thanks!
gbearpdm4 years ago
A teaspoon of mustard ingested will make your leg cramps go away.
Edmundo0964 years ago
Interesting use, never heard of this one. Thanks!
dwahoo4 years ago
BBQ-ers --You can use plain yellow mustard in the cheap large containers on meat before you smoke it. Smear the mustard all over the meat and add your favorite rub if you'd like, wrap it in plastic wrap, and refrigerate overnight before smoking the meat. It works great on Boston Butt, pork shoulders, fresh ham, etc. It tenderizes the meat as well as assisting the permeation of the smoke and/or rub. When the meat is done, there is no flavor or color of mustard remaining.
@ NamOoni1974

Yes I can attest to that use of it. It sounds totally non-intuitive but if you swallow a tea-spoon of mustard (French's or get fancy if you want) it kills heartburn for me faster and better than TUMs. The effect will last all night too.
daisyrock14 years ago
If you live where there are fire ants you know those buggers have a right painful sting! A little mustard on the bite and it feels better fast and if you caught it in time you won't get those nasty white blister thingies! I have use mustard for this several times and even the cheap stuff works!
Asmodeous4 years ago
"but the first scent you'll be greeted with will be that of delicious mustard" nice creative writing!
I used to work in a fast-food restaurant and was always burning myself on the heat registers. My manager told me to use mustard (yellow) on a fresh burn, and it works amazingly. I can personally verify that one. Stops the pain, and decreases the likelihood of any scarring.
rainbowlory4 years ago
WhYKnoT4 years ago

A very nicely written and presented article!

Anybody ever try "Weber's Horseradish (Prepared) Mustard"?? Good stuff.
Also makes for a good decongestant/plaster in the theme of this i-ble.
bfarm4 years ago
Makes for a great adult lubricant.
I can verify the burn relief suggestion. It really, really works. I was BBQing and got a very bad burn by picking up a knife that had been close to the heat.

Of course I put it under cold water to stop the burning but I found the top layer of skin burnt white so I was a little concerned. A quick Google search turned up the mustard remedy. Sure enough, as soon as I plastered on the beloved French's the pain went away. I had to keep adding more mustard all evening to keep the pain to a minimum.

One caution as far as putting mustard directly on your skin (especially your face): be careful. It stains quickly and deeply. The stains on my hand lasted a week or more.
johncar4 years ago
I guess this does not relate to English mustard, only that mild french stuff.
hollasch4 years ago
My wife uses about a teaspoon of mustard powder for ever can of tuna when making tunafish sandwiches. No other tunafish comes close to her version.
lesrebnav4 years ago
personally i use mustard (or vinegar) in cataplasm-headband for headache. It works good
dataphool4 years ago
My ex-wife and her mother, grandmother, etc. used to smear mustard on the outer skin of a chicken or turkey before she threw the lucky bird in the oven. After doing this, I never ate anyone else's bird; mom's turkey just couldn't cut it. My wife's bird was moist and tender.
NamOoni19744 years ago
A # 10 for your list: plain old mustard (the kind you put on your hotdog) relieves heartburn. Any where from 1 tsp-1 tblsp (depends on the person) of mustard. Hold your nose if ya have to and just swallow. Some say not to wash it down with water but I do and it still works.
wilgubeast4 years ago
I love the links in the "other interesting uses" section. Burgers?? People do that?
PS1184 years ago
And if your date happens to pick you up in the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, you're already set!

J/K :)
CaseyCase4 years ago
You can marinade a steak with mustard as well.