Step 7: Hair Conditioner

Picture of Hair Conditioner
Mustard oil is a secret conditioner secret that salons don't want to get out. But here's the dish: pour a generous amount of oil (note: not French's) on your palm. Rub hands together, and then scrub and massage your hair. Once done, leave the mustard oil on your hair for about eight hours, or for the entire day/night if you choose. Before falling asleep, make sure you have a shower cap so you don't damage your pillows. Once time is up, rinse the oil with shampoo and conditioner. Upon rinsing, you hair will be softer and more bouncy, and you'll put those Herbal Essence commercials to shame.
nefra14 years ago
where do you get mustard oil? just mustard?
You may be able to find it in the same grocery store aisle as Olive Oil, Vinegar, and Sesame Seed Oil.