Step 3: Restore hair color

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Big swimmer? Blonde? If so, you know that chlorine can do a number on your hair. But a little aspirin can take care of that.

Dissolve 6-8 aspirin pills in water, then rub the solution into your hair. Let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse it out. The greenish effect should start to disappear after a couple of aspirin washes.

When I was in fifth grade, there was a girl in my class with hair so blonde and fine it looked like fiberoptic wire. She was a swimming fiend, so her hair was always just a touch too green in the summertime. In middle school, she acheived the Edenic self-consciousness of Eve and began to use aspirin to fix the greenness. She is now incredibly successful and one of 17* female engineers in the whole world. Aspirin helped her become a foxy materials engineer, imagine what it could do for you.

*I know that there are more. But there are still too many girls being discouraged from careers in science and math. The real number is probably in the low to mid 50s.
catkinson548 months ago

My daughter was working on becoming a materials engineer. Really enjoyed, but came down with Fibro, and the stress was too much, had to switch majors.

flamekiller4 years ago
Hey, my fiancée is one of those 17-50+ female engineers in the world! :D
mcmonte4 years ago
lol you funny bugger
vincent75204 years ago
True, men outnumber women in the engineer trades by nearly 100%.
But even 0,1% of female engineers in the world amount to more than 50 !!!…
Otherwise we would have so little of the whole type that we won't have to bother with Tchernobyls, BPs, CO2, and our regular leisures would still be reading, and chopping wood for the winter instead of fixing our Macs or surfing on the web !…
OK I'm joking. Many engineers (male or female) are very efficient people and work to ease our life, not poison it.
Still as I know at least 20 women engineer in my own city I'm sure that even in the USA, which is not the most prone towards equality between genders, you'll find more than 50 engineer women who do not need to be as sexy and beautiful as the latest Hollywood star to get a job in their field and be goddam as efficient as men !!!…
This was my "equality between sexes" deed of the day :-)
Have a nice week end !…
Aspirin in the shampoo is also good for dandruff.