Step 4: Zap zits and punish pimples

Salicylic acid. It's one of the topical applications used for acne treatment, and it just so happens to be a natural part of aspirin.

Crush up the pill and add some water to make a paste. Apply the aspirin paste to your pimple and wait for several minutes. Rinse off without rubbing too much, and the pimple should diminish in redness and size. Spot treatment for those "haven't showered since Friday" weekend camping trips where you want to look your best.

Possibly true fact: the taste of salicylic acid can discourage bears from gnawing on your face.
hholmes1 said his sister uses Gatorade mixed with her alcohol to avoid hangovers. That probably indicates that the electrolytes in Gatorade are keeping her from depletion. HOWEVER, Gatorade itself is full of nasty chemicals. I don't know if it still has aspartame or not, but if so, that alone would keep me from touching the stuff, since it causes me to have seizures. <br><br>She would be better off if she mixed her drinks with coconut water, which is full of electrolytes without the chemicals.<br>
<p>Coconut water tastes pretty good, too. - Mild &amp; subtle, but good.</p>
<p>lol in highschool we had a new guy with us n sent him into 7-11 for mix. we headed out to the bush party only to discover he had bought gator-aid to go with our Rye Whisky lol it was gross but no hangover lol the electrolytes you speak of are mainly backing soda, salt and sugar you can find countless recipes online to make your own the sweetners well thats a different story. Ive made it for years for myself and my child as the store bought stuff is $10 a liter because parents will pay it ;) </p>
<p>Note: The Netherlands Study on aspirin, available on-line, shows that people who take aspin bleed in their brains. It has been known that enteric coating helps keep people feom stomach bleeds, and moves aspirin to the intestines. The enteric coating won't stop bleeds to the brain. Surgeons advise patients to stop taking aspirin or other blood thinners prior to surgery. Who knows when a person will need emergency surgery? There is an epidemic of dementia in the USA. Multiple brain bleeds, even small ones, will stack up over time, causing serious future risks. The cure to hangovers is not to get one. The other iuses for aspirin here seem good, and I will likely try a couple.</p>
<p>I work in a Cardiac Cath lab, and I see a lot of heart attacks. Sometimes, ASA en-route in the ambulance, or at home, even prior to EMT arrival, can dissolute the platelet plug causing the MI, and can mitigate the effects on the myocardium. True, there are risks associated with EVERY medication, but, it the throes of an MI (heart attack), time is muscle (heart muscle). We work diligently to minimize the effects of MI on long term survivability, and ASA is one of our front-line meds. My 2 cents' worth.</p>
If I were having a heart attack, I would take the aspirin. For a hangover? No. It appears that alcohol poisoning and aspirin both kill brain cells. For those with conditions like CADASIL, who are already suffering brain bleeds, aspirin just worsens it. Overuse of aspirin is not a good idea.
I used asprin and red wine in moderation with excercise for years and now im forty and i look 28 still
<p>im 50 but feel like im 60... but I still think like im 18 . lol Maybe I just need to drink more. lol </p>
<p>Maybe you need CoQ10.</p>
<p>lol... is that Moon Shine? cause if it is, I'll try it! lol (seriously, what is it?) </p>
<p>It's a natural pill. - Easily found in the OTC Vitamin section of your drug store or health food store</p>
I'm sure that it has nothing to do with the aspirin or even the wine. My guess us that you probably just have good genes. By the way, who says you look 28?
<p>What does your brain look like? MRI? In any event, 40 is still young. MRI at 50, but if there is accumulated damage, you will not be able to fix it. The statistics for dementia in the USA shows an epidemic. Of course, there are far more factors than asprin there. Moderation is good. There is a connection between brain bleeds and dementia, and now that the connection shows asprin to be a culprit... why risk more damage?</p>
<p>I've got a very narrow LAD Artery and pretty much nothing by way of collaterals, so my cardiologist has me on 325 MG of aspirin every day. I guess my wife is going to be changing my diapers soon. I don't come to this site to get depressed.</p>
<p>Have you looked into the sequential external extremity pumping? This showed great promise a few years ago, for people with few collaterals. I havent read up on it in a while. </p>
<p>I would keep doing whatever your MDs are prescribing. Yours is a dangerous situation, for you to make any off-the-cuff changes. Best of luck to you!!</p>
<p>I'm with you on avoiding the hangover in the first place. I don't want to add toxins to my body as in inTOXICation when I can help it. My former daughter-in-law always drank a glass of water between alcoholic drinks, because alcohol is very dehydrating, so it helped her not have a hangover in the first place. I have also found that a large dose of vitamin C - at least a gram or more (1,000 mgs) helps detox the alcohol during the night as you sleep. But - one beer's the limit for me, so I don't need to do that.</p>
<p>When I used to drink and I ended up at home drunk as a monkey I would drink as much water as I could before going to sleep and I would wake up feeling great.In comparison to what I would have otherwise. Its the only hangover cure I know that actually works.</p>
<p>You can poison yourself drinking too much water. Being drunk inhibits your ability to judge that evenings limit of adult drinks-- thus you become drunk as a monkey (spiralling downwards) and must rely on this reduced capacity for sagacious determination of re-hydration requirement, limit, excess, final water poisoning, subsequent demise and permanent extradition from this &quot;vale of tears&quot;. Save yourself all manner of time, pain, money and (surely) a few milligrams of vital bodily elements flushed out in the gallons of fluid and semi-fluids your body will process and later excrete in a florid and possibly colourful variety of known and perhaps unknown methods of human elimination routes over which you will have varying to absolutely no ability to control, stem plug or stop while trying to rid your blood of the pernicious poison that is grain alcohol, ethyl hydrate, grog, booze or whatever you wish to call it......and just don't drink!! Oh darn! Now *I* need a drink.</p>
<p>I don't drink.</p>
When my little sister was younger, like around 2l ir so, we were discussing hangovers and what causes them. I'm one of those lucky people that's only gotten a hangover maybe once or twice in my life, but my sis would get them bad. <br><br>So, we were talking about how dehydration is a major factor in them, and she decided to do an experiment. You know how some people will mix alcohol with energy drinks or fruity drinks. Well, she decided to mix hers in Gatorade. <br><br>It may seem a little weird, but the next morning, lo and behold, she didn't have a hangover.
Thanks for the great advice!
<p>1) There is a J Alexander--a top cardiac physician. Is that you? </p><p>2) If one has had a heart attack or cardio-vascular disease that merits asprin supplementation, you might ask your doctor about using a low-dose form daily. If you've not had an attack, the risk of other issues, most especially brain bleeding, outweigh the benefits.</p>
<p>Hi J Alexander. Thank you for the heads up. I am very interested in this, but couldn't find the Netherlands study you refer to. Could you provide a citation or a link, please? Thanks.</p>
<p>There are other ways to &quot;thin&quot; the blood out, i.e. reduce platelet aggregation and clotting in the brain, such as Fish Oil (Omega 3 fatty acids) instead of Asperin. The less you take of Asperin except in emergencies I think the better. I agree with the Netherland study. </p>
<p>but dose the fish oil work as quickly as the Asprin does? so if you feel a Heart Attack coming on you can take it and it would help? </p>
No zacker..its the blood thinning nature of asprin that helps in heart attacks. It can thin the blood enough to blow out clots. I've actually seen people that have had a stroke, and took aspirin immediately after oh, and by the time they reach the hospital there were no signs of the clots that blocked their arteries causing the stroke. Thus limiting the damage of the stroke and possibly saving the victim's life.<br><br>Also, I sugest you read the current medical research about fish oils and heart disease. Studies show that use of fish oils supplements, do not help against heart attack or stroke. There have been dozens of long term studies done and there have only been 2 released that showed any benefit above the placebo effect. The sad part is this one of the studies that showed it beneficial, was conducted by a company that it self, sold fish oil supplements. <br><br>I have read medical research that shows fish oil beneficial to joints. Just not a benefit for the heart. The sad part is you can't believe studies that are shown on most websites that claim to be medical studies. Most of those are either completely made up or conducted by retail companies by non medical personnel with skewed results. Most hospitals will allow you to access their medical libraries and have staff on hand that could help you look up research in areas that you'd like to. There are also several medical research publication sites out there where you can search actual medical publications and research things like this for yourself.
<p>awesome... thanks for the info. I always thought you took Asprin for a Heart Attack but NOT for a stroke... </p>
<p>so remember folks if you feel a heart attack coming on why not take the time to gamble and chew some fish oil pills, stand on your head in the light of a full moon whatta ya got t loose? the truth is what works for someone might not work for you, and for every study thats negative there is another thats positive (yes independent) so do what works for you and don't buy into all the haters online </p>
<p>Haters? I have not seen any here..</p>
I posted a link, but don't see it now. Perhaps it was removed? id it was, keyword search &quot;Netherlands Study on Asprin&quot; or go to the National Institute of Health (NIH), the American Stroke Association, or the National Neurological Institute and keyword there. This was big news that doctors are taking seriously. For those of us already living with micro-bleed stroke disorders, we are forced to live with the fact that we have no real treatment and have to live with whatever our disease does. Aspirin can cause a micro-bleed to be hemmorhagic, causing even more destruction and earlier death. I have relatives who were harmed this way. My refusal to take aspirin may be why the course of my disease is slower than theirs. I do research; my family accepts anything a doctor says without question.<br>
<p>Thank you. Enlightening.</p>
Hi J. I saw your link before it disappeared, and followed it. Thank you for that. The study was enlightening. I responded to you after you posted the link, but both your and my comments have disappeared.
<p>Several of my comments disappeared. Perhaps the moderator did not like the information. Disappointing, but people can be strange.</p>
<p>&bdquo;The cure to hangovers is not to get one.&rdquo;</p><p>Sorry, but you got that one backwards! It's &bdquo;The cure to hangovers is to stay drunk.&rdquo;</p>
Alrighty then! LOL!<br>
<p>that study has been proven to be bogus poppy-cock. they tell you not to take aspirin before surgery, for the same reason it is good fora heart attack. In surgery, they WANT your blood to clot. </p>
<p>No, that study has not been proven to be poppycock. Review the NIH and th NNI sites for information. </p>
<p>I was told by my Neurologist that the anti-coagulant effect of aspirin lasts 48-72 hours...</p>
<p>$1.29 for 100 aspirin..Omg.</p><p> </p>
<p>Yeah, sweet. - Tylenol, Advil and all those newer products never worked for me. - I WAS able to keep my Migraines at bay for a while by taking Aspirin w/Coffee. -It helped a bit until I could get to the Doc for a Migraine prescription.</p>
<p>i have heard aspirin is good at burning off warts ... i heard if you put some paste under a bandaid for a few hours it eats up the wart skin if you repeat it daily.. i guess you might need to be really careful about the skin you do not want burnt by the acid in the aspirin [[ AcetaSalisylic Acid?? ]] A.S.A. do not take my info as true until you research it yourself</p>
<p>10: Lay it between your cheek, and an aching tooth. Asprin is water soluble, and gets directly into the pain receptors of that tooth, where it's need most.</p>
<p>Every person really is different. My husband is limited by side effects as to what medications he can take especially for cholesterol so his Cardiologist put him on aspirin and flax oil. He had the best checkup at his last appointment in September ever!</p>
<p>Flaxseeds are rich in lignans, which are commonly referred to as &ldquo;phytoestrogens.&rdquo; Other foods, such as soy, contribute phytoestrogens to the diet as well. Many health experts suspect that because phytoestrogens resemble our own estrogens, having them in the diet may affect our risk of hormone-related cancers, including prostate cancer. It appears that the seed may be okay to consume while the oil should be avoided in males. The evidence is somewhat unclear, but there is some evidence that flaxseed oil may increase the prostate cancer risk. </p>
for number 6. as a cheaper option. get some fresh shoots from a willow tree put in a bucket. cover with boiling water allow to cool over night. remove the shoots from the solution. you now have a salicylic acid solution which can help plants to grow or use as a rooting liquid.
<p>A paste of aspirin and water spread on an infected wound will draw out the infection. I used this on a piercing that got infected and it worked. </p>
Aspirin is actually acetylsalicylic acid not salicylic acid. They are close but do not do the same thing that some of your uses are for. Chiefly the acne treatment myth of asprin. Acetylsalicylic acid is far less corrosive than salicylic acid. It is that corrosive nature than makes salicylic acid a popular treatment for some of the reaosns you have listed. However... Aspirin does contian small amounts of salicylic acid. Typically 0.3% in brand name, but no more than 2% allowed by law. The higher ammount being in your cheaper brands. Even with that 2%, thats not by total volume, but chemical ingredients. So not counting binders and coatings. So at most an asprin will have less than 1% salicylic acid by volume. Then you have to disolve it in water, diluting it futher. You're better off getting cheap acne cream at the dollar store and save a lot of money. <br><br>Also helping dandruff would come more form the grainy nature of the binders in the aspirin. Again with the ammount of water needed to be added, there would be very little salicylic acid to help and acetylsalicylic acid does not help dandruff, because it is FAR less corrosive than its parent acid, salicylic acid. <br><br>It is this confusion that has caused a lot of people to think that there is enough salicylic acid and aspirin to help these particular problems that salicylic acid helps. However there just is not enough of the component to help.<br><br>However the heart attack use is VERY important for everyone to know. Kids can have heart attacks, not just senior citizens. Everyone should keep a bottle of asprin on hand in their home.

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