Step 9: Treat a hangover

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Acetaminophen + alcohol = vicious, liver-destroying poison. Don't take Tylenol when you've been drinking.

After a long night out on the town, if you are in any condition to do so, take two aspirin before bed. These will help decrease the severity of the hangover in the morning by inhibiting prostaglandins. (You know you don't want those prostaglandins running around inside of your body like evil elves while you have the spins.) Then take two more in the morning with some breakfast. It'll decrease the severity of the morning headache and decrease the elf- or prostaglandin-related swelling.

If it's one of those mornings where the hair of the dog sounds as appetizing as actual canine fur, aspirin's your ticket to a productive day.
Mig Welder3 years ago
Basically, this (and your barf one) is my all-time favorite Instructable. Also, you are my favorite Instructable author. The sense of humor, usefulness, and diverse vocabulary, all coupled with correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation makes for a winning Instructable. Finding people on the internet that know how to spell is oh so difficult.
I learned a bit and had some good laughs while reading your 'ibles.
wilgubeast (author)  Mig Welder3 years ago
Thanks MW. I'm working on unusual uses for disposable diapers right now, and it should come out by the end of the week. Or simply a week. The article is somewhat in question.
LogM8134 years ago
Best hangover cure is weed. Don't say it isn't if you haven't tried it.
No, not even close... If anything, weed makes it worse. No offense, but please know what you're talking about before suggesting something as ridiculous as that.

The best cure for hangover is not going overboard with your drinking, if you must get trashed, drink quality liquor instead of the cheap $10 bottle of vodka... The reason you have hangovers is due to the way the liquor was distilled, lower quality liquor is usually only distilled once, so there's still methanol left in the final product after the distillation process, which is what causes hangovers... Higher quality liquors are distilled multiple times (usually 4-5 times, but some have been known to be distilled up to a dozen times) to further reduce the amount of methanol left after the distillation process, and therefore the higher quality liquor is less prone to cause hangovers...

If you must drink cheap booze, drinking lots of water throughout the night and eating a couple slices of bread before you go to bed helps avoid or reduce the intensity of your hangover in the morning as well
Hangovers are caused by dehydration/Fusel oils. There's less fusel oils in higher quality liquors due to more distillation cycles. Darker liquors have more fusel oils (they purposely leave them in whiskey to give it taste) whereas vodka their going for just ethanol and water. According to scientific studies marijuana reduces nausea and dulls headaches. So yes it is effective to reduce a hangover.
weed?your'e using a drug to get rid of the side effects of a drug. That's like shooting into a bullet wound to get the bullet out
Aspirin is a drug too.
Sorry i meant a drug with negative effects to get rid of a drug with negative effects
weeds not bad
and weed makes you thirsty, so you drink more water. Haven't tried the aspirin, but a 32 oz powerade helps me every time!
jooijen LogM8134 years ago
the best cure for a hangover is...... to keep drinking lol!!!
mattyfu LogM8134 years ago
It cures the nausea and makes drinking a ton of water more likely.
jibblesmgee3 years ago
The only truly safe cure for hangovers is to quit drinking... but you'll still need an asprin once in a while. This is a nice instructable, I learned alot!
YESSSSS! agreed. Quit drinking. Or if you do... 1 or 2 is enough alcohol is a drug not a hydrating drink...dont even get me started on how bad soft drinks are for you!
jtpoutdoor4 years ago
aspirin causes irritation and bleeding of the stomach lining , so taking aspirin on top of alcohol may not be such a good idea- especially if you are a chronic alcoholic with an already irritated stomach lining!
but you should definately avoid paracetomol like the plague- people have died from mixing alcohol and paracetomol due to the increased liver toxoicity.

If you wake up feeling really yeurgh due to your overindulgence the night before I can recommend ( :-) snigger) dropping two fizzy soluble aspirin in a glass and chugging it back- you will instantly be sick thereby removing a large quantity of undigested food and any undigested alcohol from your stomach. This may make you feel a bit better- you will still have all the absorbed alcohol swilling around in your bloodstream tho and a massive hangover, NB if tyou are dumb enough to try this no responsibility is taken for any ensueing consequences - especially the cleaning bills or any medical problems which occur
30 tylenol tablets will kill you.

Ingesting water after alcohol enhances elimination of alcoholic derivatives/metabolites.

Dissolved aspirin has been used to control mosquitoes in India, as it messes up their pheromone transmission/reception.

Taking aspirin for pain after childbirth increases the likelihood of physical child abuse. Taking anything for pain after childbirth generally increases the likelihood of physical child abuse by a few percentage points.
Other studies have shown that childbirth itself generally increases the likelihood of physical child abuse as compared to a control sample who never had children.
Nicholson B. 2011 Of Love textbook of medical science: exocrinology.

"Moreover, plant allomones like aspirin, cinnamon, quinidine, and dozens of others have similar beneficial cardiac effects that must be based, at least in part, upon their natural anti-herbivory semiochemical function. (Indeed, common antibiotics are naturally allomones, it is often how they were discovered in the first place.)" Nicholson B. 2011 Of Love textbook of medical science: exocrinology.

Robson and Kumar27 found that during labor, doses of more than 125 mg. of meperidine, (or Demerol) a powerful analgesic, delayed the onset of bonding. Hollenbeck and his coworkers75 found that among other factors observed during feeding in the first month, higher doses of all types of medication, including aspirin, received by mothers during the first four postpartum days were associated with mothers kissing their infants less often.
Taking pain killers after child birth may actually be the sign of a person who has less capacity to endure discomfort, hence one who is more likely to try to quiet or discipline a child who is being annoying or disobedient.
Agreed. That statistic is classic "damned lies" material.
Honora4 years ago
Aspirin is good for deodorizing smelly clothing. I have a pal who runs outdoor courses for teenagers. He supplies the polypropylene thermal gear. Soaking the clothing in water which has had aspirin dissolved in it removes the B.O. However soaking the clothing in baking soda would do the same trick I'm sure, and be cheaper. If you come across a free source of aspirin, it's worth remembering the deodorizing trick. I found an ancient bottle of expired aspirin in a back country hut and snaffled it home for that purpose.
geneorama4 years ago
I noticed your selection of alcohol for the hangover section includes 2 buck chuck and Malibu rum... funny choices indeed as they are both clear headache inducers!
Too Right!
anotheryou4 years ago
Agreed out of much experience. Water!!! 2-3 glasses of water before going to sleep helps big time. Pain killers aren't necessary. Also during the drinking episode try to throw in a glass of water now and again. If you don't do any of that and you wake up hungover then the best cure is "the hair of the dog". I'm sure most of you know what that is but if you don't have another drink or two in the morning like a bloody marry. You'll feel tip top after that!
moose2good4 years ago
Actually, falling asleep with an enema-bag full of sterile water in your whose-your-daddy will fight the hangover the best! Jes' be careful not to roll over too much, as the smell and clean-up will definitely attenuate the hangover....
moose2good4 years ago
After a bender at my last batchelor party and doing 7 lemon drop shooters, 4 melon balls, 3 black russians, 5 shots of Te-killya, I would need to drink 32 glasses of water. This would DEFINITELY erase the hangover, as I would be giving my bladder the Iron Man Triathlon of usage. I would be a frickin' busted fire hydrant....
ginamarina4 years ago
I can testify that the 2 (or 3) aspirin with water BEFORE going to bed after a night out works wonders. And Gatorade or tomato juice in the a.m. for residual stomach ickies :)
Most of the reason for the average hangover is dehydration.
Try drinking at least one or two glasses of water for every drink you had at the bar and skip the aspirin. Seriously guys, this one works.
having been a problem drinker for more years than I remember, I began drinking a glass of water about every two drinks. This helped considerably. Upon awakening, I was't as clouded over as before.

If you wake with a hangover, instead of gulping water, it should be sipped over time to rehydrate your little platelet buddies. This takes time, so drinking water while drinking is your overall, best bet.

I have taken aspirin before bed, when I was alert enough to do so. it really does help.
Well, admittedly, I'm a two drinks maximum type lightweight, so a couple glasses before bed works for me. Thanks for taking the time to weigh in for the higher volume perspective. :P

Aspirin doesn't do much for me, for some reason, but I suspect this is a YMMV situation.
jakovn4 years ago
Nice post!
I would just add that you do not need to use aspirin, but just any
Acetil-Salicil acid tablets, since they are all the same, you just pay 10x price for the Aspirin name
dalesql4 years ago
Best hangover cure ever. Or as I called it, hangover helper.

Take a quart of water. Take two aspirin. consume both by mouth. wait a few minutes for the water and aspirin to start kicking in. now go get that quart of gatorade or other electrolyte sports drink. If you have babies in the house, that bottle of pedialyte works just as well. Drink that down. If it was a really epic binge, or you are on the larger size, more water is called for.

by the time you have finished that second quart, you should be feeling lots better. But you better go use the bathroom now.

hangover is two things. All the toxic breakdown products from the alcohol in your blood are circulating around. Your kidneys and sweat glands are working hard to get rid of them, but both of these need water to work with to flush them out. Add water to your body to give them this flushing water.

The toxic chemicals secreted by your sweat glands are why someone with a hangover usually has noticeably worse body odour. get that water into you, and shower all that nasty off of you about an hour later.
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