9 Volt Battery Noise Module PRANK





Introduction: 9 Volt Battery Noise Module PRANK

About: Comment what I should make. I will try to make anything with what I have.

This is a 9 volt battery module that will make very annoying noises. Hide this small device anywhere and annoy the crap out of your friends. Let's get started :)

Step 1: Take Off the Top

Take the top off a 9 volt battery with some pliers or anything you want to use.

Step 2: Put the Wires On

Twist the wires onto the back of 9 volt battery clip you just made.

Step 3: Tape the Wires

Tape the wires so they stay in place

Step 4: Attach 1 Wire

Attach one wire from a color changing LED to one of the wires on the clip. Make sure it's the right wire or it won't work.

Step 5: Attach the Speaker

Attach the speaker to the two wires that you have left. Now the circuit is complete.

Step 6: Now Tape It All Down

Tape the circuit down and make sure the wires don't touch.

Step 7: Take It Off

I had to take off the top of the speaker because it wall blocking the sound.

Step 8: It's a Small Device

It's so small so u can hide it anywhere.

Step 9: It's Finished

Now that it's finished you can go and hide it. The newer the battery the higher the sound frequency.



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    You know what a real prank is? A device that imitates a mosquito that starts sound when it's getting dark - and silences when the light goes on xD

    7 replies

    Or an annoying pop goes the weasel song.

    Holy crap, you are a genius. That would be perfect.

    Actually it's not my idea (better stolen good than badly made by yourself ;-) It has been presented at the latest Chaos Communication Club convention in Hamburg :-)

    You could also get sued by the original person.

    you wouldnt get sued if your not selling the idea

    oh gosh, that would be awful

    If i use an led what resistor should i use because the led probable will burn out quick if you don't use one.

    2 replies

    The battery i used was quite drained so i don't know actually. sorry

    If your battery had 7 volts, try a 220 ohm resistor.

    oooooh, this will SO irritate the crap out of my friend!!! xD

    The speaker is a piezo buzzer, and make sure your LED can handle 9v, else it will burn out rather quickly. Or use a resistor.

    I think you should begin with a parts list. All of a sudden you called for this this speaker.

    2 replies

    One can edit. It's a pretty cool thing.