Introduction: 9 Volt Battery Hack!

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Here is how to extract 6 AAAA batteries from one 9 volt ENERGIZER battery and use them like AAA batteries!

Step 1: What You Need...

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1 ENERGIZER 9 Volt Battery.

ATTENTION: I do not know if this works with any other type of 9 volt battery. If you try this and end up with something other than what I show you, then you are not using an ENERGIZER battery.

2. A pair of needle nose pliers and a small screwdriver

3. Optional: Gloves

Step 2: How to Do It...

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Along the edge of the ENERGIZER 9 volt battery is a crease where the case is joined together. It is basically just crimped together to form a seal. Using the needle nose pliers and if needed, a small screwdriver, carefully peel apart the ENERGIZER 9 volt battery. BE CAREFUL!

Step 3: What's Inside...

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When it comes apart, you will find 6 "AAAA" or "quadruple A" batteries that each hold 1.5 volts, the same as a AAA battery. Remove the batteries and also the metal tabs that connected the batteries together.

Step 4: How to Use Them...

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Since these hold the equivalent voltage as a standard AAA battery, they can be used in a device that holds AAA batteries. The only difference is that they are a bit smaller in length. That's why you need the connector tabs. You can fold the tabs over and use them as shims between either the positive or negative side of the new AAAA batteries and use them in any device! Have fun!


Alangar (author)2017-06-21

I opened Panasonic Alkaline 6LF22PA / 6LR6PA / 1BDR (Made in Malaysia and bought in Dollarama in Canada) battery and it didnot work it. It had flat batteries inside. My tip is open the battery from bottom, and dont open too much. Just open bottom 25% you will be able to see if it has flat batteries or AAAA battery.

pompouschimp (author)2017-01-14

I dismantled a 6LR61 Energizer 9v battery, expecting to get six LR61 batteries just like the video said. I was disappointed. I got six stacked rectangular cells (6F22?) instead. How is this so? Can anyone care to explain? I'm starting to question the authenticity of the product. Sheesh! I felt so ripped.

MickO6 (author)pompouschimp2017-05-09

Maybe battery tech has moved on in the 8n years since this article was written?

Daniel434 (author)2017-02-04

This is the best battery hack ever ! :)

thatoneguy900 (author)2008-08-20

Official HOAX.

Kipkay (author)thatoneguy9002008-08-20

WRONG. Do you want to come over and I will do it before your very eyes?

Ernstv (author)Kipkay2015-08-24

On the 9V I opened, the ones with the text "6F22" or "6LF22" (Duracell)
or "6F22X" had flat-packed batteries. The one with "6LR61" (a german
brand product) had 6 AAAA-batteries. Somewhere near the 9V indication,
there is an indication about the "6LF22" or "6LR61". Good luck!

MuhammadK42 made it! (author)Ernstv2016-12-07

I bought Engergizer 6LR61 battery and ripped it off. It was not good luck for me as it also contained flat piled batteries.

SitthiyaL (author)Ernstv2016-02-28

Sorry to say that 6LR61 Energizer have flat-packed here, I've just opened one myself.

SusanS270 (author)SitthiyaL2016-09-21

Same here... Maybe in your above hack, you should stress the exact kind of Energizer battery because I just destroyed a 9 volt battery and that black, gunky stuff is hard to wash off. But, thanx anyway

NarNar (author)Kipkay2009-05-25


ravebot (author)Kipkay2008-10-01

yes i want to come over if your still inviting

ReCreate (author)ravebot2009-01-29

what happened to you ,spongebob?

ravebot (author)ReCreate2009-02-06

bad things very bad things "sob" it hurts just thinking about it

ReCreate (author)ravebot2009-02-06

you're avatar is scary...i died by looking at it(Get it?)

AnarchistAsian (author)Kipkay2008-11-04

oohhhh!!! me! me! me!

Yerboogieman (author)Kipkay2008-09-27


kipkay answered you...COOL!!!

ChristinaL28 made it! (author)2015-11-02

I just did this with an old energiser battery from 2013. The battery had numbers 6LR61 on it. I measuredone of the aaaa battery that fell out, it had 1.5 v. I compared it to my old aaaa energizer battery that was in my stylus pen, 0.9v. I believe the polarisation was not reversed because the multimeter did not show negative value on either battery. The flat sides have numbers on them and the other side has a little "button".

I forgot to mention that the batteries are indeed shorter and did not work in my pen, I will need to pad it with aluminium foil. I have not tried it yet.

I was wrong, the polarisation IS reversed. It did not break my stylus to put it in the wrong way though...

Sucsess! My stylus pen now works with one of these weird "semi AAAA" batteries, without padding, just inserted into the pen the unintuitive way. (button side towards spring, it's a mystery to me how it managed to connect, i expect it to be unstable and I may add some foil in the future.)

mattj2 (author)2014-10-29

I tried energiser alkaline 12-2019 (black and silver), Panasonic NEO extra long life (black and silver), and Panasonic Hi-TOP long life (red and white) and they all had the flat cells, no AAAA's

cheezyguy5 (author)2014-05-10

Here's a tip, If the battery is a HEAVY DUTY or SUPER HEAVY DUTY battery, there will be a thick, toxic (if ingested) gooey paste, if it is a ALKALINE battery, there will be six AAAA battery cells inside.

YankeesFisherman123 (author)2014-01-09

Ha cool i thought you could only lick 9 volt batteries

ilpug (author)2012-03-08

It works on certain kinds of batteries and not others. They probably just tested the wrong battery. It has worked for me.

jordan4762 (author)2011-10-09

Works with CVS value brand =3

WakeUpWolfgang (author)2011-10-08

I just did it today and for everyone who thinks this is a hoax look at what I got

jgilbert13 (author)2011-08-19

What about a DG home Heavy Duty 9 volt?

HeyJD (author)2010-08-02

I opened my 9 volt battery and found some sort of acidic paste inside...

account3r2 (author)HeyJD2010-10-16

what brand?

HeyJD (author)account3r22010-10-17

Uh... I ripped of the label saying what brand it was.
But it was kind of like button cells stacked on top of each other.
It's just that these 'cells' were see-through and had paste inside.

superduperdrew (author)HeyJD2011-07-15

bad brand, try duracell

unclex6 (author)2011-03-03

I did this and one of the AAAA's exploded in my face

superduperdrew (author)unclex62011-07-15

Y U Lie?

mattryes (author)2009-01-07

This is an excellent hack when you need to replace AAA batteries, but when you need AAAA batteries,there are more differences between these cells and store bought AAAA cells; 1) The polarity is reversed so that the negative terminal is the one with the little "Button" on it, 2) that little button doesn't protrude as much as on a store bought cell, and 3) the hacked cells are just a tiny bit shorter than their expesnsive counterparts. My Streamlight Stylus LED flashlight won't work with these cells. I think that it requires the positive terminal to protrude into the LED assembly. I tried to remove the "button" from and old AAAA battery so that I could use it to extend the flat positive end, but I was unsuccessful. Does anybody have any suggestions that would make these AAAA batteries more functional? Thanks, Matt

wheatstone (author)mattryes2009-06-07

try some aluminum foil but tape it as it will short out the battery ( At one end The button end must not short the case to the anode ( the center post) ps...make a little ball with the foil, hot melt it if you wish, but only on the perimeter as glue will insulate an no power! again the tape cannot cover the top it also will insulate and no power will flow!!!

wheatstone (author)wheatstone2009-06-07

need a bigger battery? wrap tape around the battery can make it fit anything requiring 1.5 volts.

you mean foil right?

el-pedro (author)mattryes2010-02-12

In my case the batteries were identical except the positive side did not have the little plate with the little "button" on it and on the commercial AAAA's Ive seen the negative has a "button" but it does not stick out as far.

Diex2005 (author)2011-01-04

I've done this too, and found a black paste-substance. I think it's only in rechargeable batteries though. I havent tested that theory, since I ONLY buy Rechargeables.

gunman15 (author)2010-11-20

mine were fatter and widder

looking4ideas (author)2008-11-02

I did to a battery but it didn't have that in it. it had something in it that looked like a layered cake. can some one explain me what i found.

ReCreate (author)looking4ideas2009-01-29

the instructable is made up when he opened it he replaces the layer cake with aaa batteries that have gotten theyre label removed

el-pedro (author)ReCreate2010-02-12

it depends on the battery, the alkaline ones should have the AAAA's in them, and the "super heavy duty", or "heavy duty" will have the other type.

I just got some new AAAA's for my tablet PC digitizer out of a Duracell 9v battery, so some do have it!

ReCreate (author)el-pedro2010-02-15

i was being sarcastic

WhiteTigerTails (author)ReCreate2009-01-30

No, because I have done the same thing. There are different kinds of 9V out there.

ReCreate (author)WhiteTigerTails2009-01-30

i was joking

ReCreate (author)ReCreate2009-01-29

ops i forgot to wink*wink wink*

Tommyhzy (author)looking4ideas2009-02-21

Oh, you probably had some kind of wierd brand. Try Duracell and Energiser. It's worth the price, because you don't get a cake. Unless they changed their design into a cake...

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