Introduction: 9-Volt Laser-----Easy,Cool, and FUN!!!!!!!!!

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so you want to make a 9-volt laser? I will tell you how to make one. After all, i got this idea after i combine a lot of idea from a lot of Instructable, like the 9-volt from YAN9VUSBC and the laser from Laser Flashlight Heck.

Step 1: You Will Need...

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1) 2 9-volt battery
2)a mini pushbutton or a small on/off switch from Radio Shack
3)a 650nm 5mW 12x30mm brass case Laser Module from
4)a hot glue gun
5)a metal cutter
6)a pincer pliers
7)some wires
8)a solder station or gun
9) some solder

Spray paint
sand paper
power drill

Step 2: Opening the 9-volt...

Picture of Opening the 9-volt...

Your first step is to open up a 9-volt battery. using the metal cutter and/or the pincer pliers to open the button of the 9-volt slowly. After that, take every thing out and leave the clip,the cover and the buttom peice. if you don't kown how to open a 9-volt, click here:how to open a 9-volt battery

Step 3: The Wires...

Picture of The Wires...

cut a hole in the 9-volt so the switch can fit using the metal cutter or the power drill. solder the wires correctly based on the simple diagram shown. it's really easy to understand it. You MUST connect the red wire to the negative terminal of the clip and the black wire to the positive terminal of the clip. See the 2nd picture for where's the positve and negative side of the clip.

Step 4: Things Are Getting Harder..

Picture of Things Are Getting Harder..

things are getting harder and harder now.put the clip (with the wire) back to the 9-volt and the switch to the hole. use the hot glue gun to put hot glue in until it was tie, but DON'T FILL UP THE WHOLE THING!!!!!!!!!anyway, put the laser in to the opening and now fill the whole thing up. you are almost done. at this point, you might want to use sand paper to scrap the matal case and use spray paint to paint it.

Step 5: Final...

Picture of Final...

now put the 9-volt battery in it and test it out. you might want to give it a holder if you like, and have fun with laser!

!!!!!DANGER!!!!! Laser can be dangerous, never point it at any living thing's eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


blackmesareject (author)2009-06-10

Does the 9volt burn out the laser module?

WudWar (author)2008-05-22

The reason this works without killing the laser diode is because the aixiz housing has a current limiting circuit built in it. Using it with a 9volt is wasting a lot of power.

Liberty92 (author)WudWar2008-10-15

I use a 9volt in my laser, but thats just because my button cell battery case broke :( lol, oh well

Xellers (author)WudWar2008-10-02

The how much power should you apply?

i am cool 101 (author)WudWar2008-06-08

but who cares?

WudWar (author)i am cool 1012008-06-12

I'm just trying to help you out by saying that it wouldn't burn the diode. I really like your Instructable.

i am cool 101 (author)WudWar2008-07-26


tater killer (author)2008-02-08

hey i am cool 101 it will still work

recon506 (author)2008-01-03

it would be really nice if you showed some pictures of the 3rd step and also if you labeled the clip from the 9v for us. Otherwise, GREAT INSTRUCTABLE!!!

i am cool 101 (author)recon5062008-01-04


!Andrew_Modder! (author)2007-12-21

sure that neat to make your own laser pointer! but this is actually not as good as a crap 5mW store bought 1. cause the mw-age is the same, and the voltage is actually lower, cause in store bought ones there are 3 3.7 lithium button cells (3*3.7=11.1 volts total) so your running a 11.1 volt thing at only 9 volts :-\. so you may fry out your diode, or experiance weakness.

actually the ones at the stores work at 4.5 volts, those button cells are 1.5 volts each. It would be extremely inefficient to run it at that high of a voltage, beacue red laser diodes take somewhere between 1.7 and 2 volts.

i am cool 101 (author)guyfrom7up2007-12-23

you are wrong!!! those laser can take up to 12 volt! i try that with a 9-volt and two AA batteries and it work.


:-\? really.. cause i have a ghetto chinese one that runs on 3 3.7 volt batterys...? thats really weird...?... i mean it came with 3.7's, and i only had to replace the batterys once b4, so it still works, it didnt burn out.. idk i guess its just 'special' LOL :-D

it's not special, it's because that the laser can take up to 12 volt or more.

ok lol

the button cells battery do have a high power but it don't last as long as the 9-volt!!!!!

GorillazMiko (author)2007-12-21

very good idea! but, you should add pictures at the step when stuffing the stuff in the empty 9v holder.

i know, but i make the laser before i make the Instructable, that's why i can't show the step in pictures.

i am cool 101 (author)2007-12-23

i didn't. my laser work with th 9-volt for about a month!

jlkinetics (author)2007-12-22

You're better off just removing the 9 volt and instead hooking up a battery case from radio shack that holds two AA batteries. It has the same 9 volt terminals so it would connect easily.

i am cool 101 (author)jlkinetics2007-12-23

the 9-volt holds 6 small 1.5 volt battery, and it's not size AA!!!!!!!!

guyfrom7up (author)2007-12-21

normally yes, but some laser diode modules have limiting resistors built in. Still I'm not sure about 9 volts.

Trinity (author)guyfrom7up2007-12-22

i know for a fact that this one doesn't...and if it did you are only supposed to put 6v to them

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