9-Volt Secret Money Holder




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Introduction: 9-Volt Secret Money Holder

Keep your money safe and hidden from curious eyes.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Wire Stripper(or Needle-Nose Pliers)
9-Volt Battery
Punch(For starting the metal off)
I use the wire stripper/cutter because it is easier to use for the metal.

Step 2: Start Folding Up Metal

Take the Punch and dig under the metal keeping the snap in place, then use the pliers or wire strippers and grap the metal and peel JUST around 3 of the edges.(the two long sides and 1 short side)

Step 3: Slide Off Snap and Remove Cells

Slide Off the Snap, and then dump out the old cells.DO NOT USE NEW BATTERY CHANCE OF SHOCK!!!(only if your skull is cracked open and your brains are hanging out).

Step 4: Tape Short Side On

Take the snap and tape one side of it, then slide it into plce again and attach the tape to the side of the battery.

Step 5: Stash the Loot

Now its time to take your money, fold it up and insert it. When you are done with that, fold the snap back over it.(You may need to bend the metal out a little more to make it fit)

Step 6: Finished!!!

Viola!!! and you have it! Your very own secret 9-Volt Money Holder!
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