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Step 2: Start Folding Up Metal

Picture of Start Folding Up Metal
Take the Punch and dig under the metal keeping the snap in place, then use the pliers or wire strippers and grap the metal and peel JUST around 3 of the edges.(the two long sides and 1 short side)
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k_man935 years ago
drugs, anyone?
(removed by author or community request)
lol, I'm a cop. Gonna have to pass this around the office :)
mine had 6 cells and my hands stink and burn lol jk but do stink now
this has been done before
wesie42 (author)  teaaddict3146 years ago
your poinnt is.....
its not original??
wesie42 (author)  teaaddict3146 years ago
your point is....
his point is that youre an imbocile for plagiarizing the work of others.
oh yea wats ur point of sayin your point is...?
and whats your point of sayin ur?
the fact that hes dumb
You Sound As If Your 5?
You spell as if YOU'RE 3. Peow! Owned.
pe yew what you smelled yourself?
It was a gunshot. Look down at the bloodstain on your chest...
nah i think it bounced of my rock hard chest and hit you and that red is a little spaghetti sauce
Do ya call that a chest, you girlyman?
idk lets see if you can resist a bullet like me *SHOOTS HIM*x10 ahhh how sad hes dead well all i can say is i didnt do it it was you *walks away whistling*
What a vivid imagination you have. Girlyman.
I think this is where xproplayer is supposed to say touche.
no hes just stupid
hes stupid? nawh i didnt kno that? derh oh course he is
wesie42 (author)  xproplayer6 years ago
because im 13 too
THAT WAS CLASSIC! wesie42 & xproplayer, you should team up!
lol and what make a bomb lol
looks around suspiciously
wesie42 (author)  xproplayer6 years ago
its good to be 13!!!! yay!
yep i love it
theres an artical in one of the popsci magizines
holy crap dude u have a lot of keywords
most of the keywords have nothing to do with it. examples: sexy, dog, cat, love
meh.thats the method to get tons of views
its the truth
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