Step 5: Stash The Loot

Now its time to take your money, fold it up and insert it. When you are done with that, fold the snap back over it.(You may need to bend the metal out a little more to make it fit)
mine had 6 cells and my hands stink and burn lol jk but do stink now
this has been done before
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wow, i totally forgot i commented on this. by the way, the battery looks so damn deformed that if anybody in my house found it, theyd throw it in the trash.
Nice one! though you cant put a lot of money in there! nobody would ever guess!
that is cool
drugs, anyone?
You could leave three sides unopened, and fully open one of the short sides...using wire cutters, cut off the part of the short side you uncrimped and is bent up...also cut about 1/16" down and across as well. This way, the "lid" will slide in and out like sliding glass doors. The reason I say this is because it will look much nicer, be easier to use, and you won't be left with a damaged looking battery. Just my $0.02... www.chadworkz.com
yeah i like that idea chad ill proly try it that way.
is that really what your cells look like like?? this is what mine came out as.
thats because yours was not an energizer cell... only energizer use AAAA cells in their battery, everyone else uses what you have in yours...
This is a pretty cool Instructable. what other things do you think we could do this with? it seems as a 9v when its light, it gets thrown out in my house.
you should make it look more normal and if your parents find it, it will probably be chucked into the trash.
Very cool
nice, very nice, doing it right now...