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Step 2: Start Folding Up Metal

Picture of Start Folding Up Metal
Take the Punch and dig under the metal keeping the snap in place, then use the pliers or wire strippers and grap the metal and peel JUST around 3 of the edges.(the two long sides and 1 short side)
k_man935 years ago
drugs, anyone?
(removed by author or community request)
lol, I'm a cop. Gonna have to pass this around the office :)
Chadworkz6 years ago
You could leave three sides unopened, and fully open one of the short sides...using wire cutters, cut off the part of the short side you uncrimped and is bent up...also cut about 1/16" down and across as well. This way, the "lid" will slide in and out like sliding glass doors. The reason I say this is because it will look much nicer, be easier to use, and you won't be left with a damaged looking battery. Just my $0.02...
yeah i like that idea chad ill proly try it that way.