This instructable will show you how to make  your plain Nerf barricade shoot harder and faster.

note The  idea for this project came  from a Youtube video but i tweaked the design and made it much better.
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Step 3: Goodbye 4.5v hello 9v

Picture of goodbye 4.5v hello 9v
1.take off the cover and remove batteries.
melder31 year ago
How hard would it if been to actually get a 9v battery connector instead of using MASKING TAPE to hold the wires onto the battery? Hell, at least use electrical tape.
Isaac Laserman (author)  melder31 year ago
yeah, I didn't have electrical tape or a 9 volt battery connector but masking tape worked fine.
awesome mod but the motor sounds like its gonna explode :)
modaawesome2 years ago
This is an awesome instructable. i used twisty tie wires and i didn't use the dremmel i just duct taped the battery were it it would go. p.s. see this with my Nerf bullet instructable. mwahahahaha
Isaac Laserman (author)  modaawesome2 years ago
Thanks for the feedback I will check out your instructable.