First off, i know conrad2468 made a similar one(hint hint "similar").
His uses only 9 volts, mine uses 330v or close to it. and my whole approch to it is differnt
last but not least i must thank rwilsford07 for the charger plans.

Well here it is a small secret taser!

Step 1: Supplies

What you need
1. (1) 9volt battery
2. (1) disposable camera
3. (1) capacitor charger (made from camera). go to rwilsford07's coil gun instructable and its in there. there are instructions for a simpler one later on.
4. (1) AA battery and battery holder
5. (1) 9volt battery holder
6. (1) switch
7. soldering iron and solder, needle nose pliers, electrical tape,
and wire
the 9volt battery holder, AA battery holder and switch can be found at radio shack.
Wow your friend is stupid. 9VDC&nbsp;does nothing unless hes going to shock a slug...<br />
It's using a camera flash capacitor stuck into a 9V battery case. The capacitor stores a very large amount of energy... ...and besides, 9V isn't even enough to injure a slug. Try ants. :D
Try Salt ^ . ^
Or if he plans on zapping his tongue.
i like zapping my tounge :(
i once accidentally shocked myself , using a ceiling fan capacitor, it was awesome. also my power source was home power outlets in india.
i've kinda demolished the 9v battery to get to the inside, haha, well uh, what would i do if i just have this rubbery thing with i'm guessing AAAA batteries? i've shocked myself like 9 times with it so far<br />
are you talking about the insides of the 9volt battery?
wait, isnt the insides of a battery alkanine and isnt it poisonous?
yes, you get 6 batterys that are even smaller then AAA batterys. there called AAAA (um, AA, AAA, AAAA!)
<p>my hearing aid uses &quot;EH?&quot; &quot;EH?&quot; batteries.....</p>
&nbsp;not 9 volt ones. they've got little AAA sized batteries ( they're a little smaller, but they work) inside.
there called AAAA batterys
Yeah, they're called AAAA batteries. I didn't know it at the time. now I do. :)
Only the Energizer brand batteries have AAAA batteries (REALLY&nbsp;small)
ang duracell too. i know for a fact because a actualy took one apart.
23a are much smaller (i think) and have more volts
<p>Guys, an advanced version of above project.</p><p>Please view and like the video if you really like it. Honest comments over it are always welcomed. It would be helpful for this project and our college. Thanks for your time:-)</p><p>http://youtu.be/PnP5Qi-tDK8</p>
its propibly a god idea to add a switch to turn it off so you can put it away and turn it back on to 'arm' it
smart... he must be a cyborg!! GET HIM!!
Oh No!!! The Up Rise Has Already Started!!!
Yeah Now!!!
HIT THE DIRT!!! *** Diving Into Mud***
dude just hack open a lithium battery... wear goggles and gloves
soooo you put a pic on th front say 9v plr plr plrits all ways like more after the frist pic<br />
i have 4 of the camera capacitors and another huge one &gt;:-E
You should make a cap bank and then an awesome coil gun!!!!!!
... brings a new meaning to 'Put your touge on the battery' then
ok....to make the charger you put in the leads of both the 9V connector and the AA conector into the capacitor holes. you can also add in a button (i diidnt but reccomend it)&nbsp;
Omg the video... will that burn my skin?
I did this and it burned a hole in my finger<br />
no. it just gives a quick and nasty shock.
Have you tried it? :P
yep. many times
emos always hurting them selves, nice Instructable though <br />
lol. thanks
i no ueed a capacitor but can u get it from somthing diffrent apart from a disposable cam. i mean its not hard 4 me to go out and get a dissposable cam but is there anything else that i could rip it out of something maybe lying round the house? I.E old stereo,old walkman radio,
yes it can actually take it from me ive held it in place until i fel;t burning and sure enough the skin turned white
put it in a smoke detector<br /> <br />
BTW how many farad those capacitors are? And what's the voltage reading of them? Nice instructable thought<br />
HEY um i went out and bought me a capacitor,4 slot AA batt holder az well az a 9V batt holder but i dont have the chip can you tell me another simpler way to charge my cap.
this project is supposed to use RECYLED parts. that's why it reccomends taking apart a DISPOSABLE&nbsp;CAMERA for the charging circuit. NOT buying a capacitor, though you could probably use the charging circuit from the camera with oyur capacitor if they're close enough in voltage.<br />
its possible to fit the mini charger inside the 9v itself and maybe if your a good craftsman make it look pretty normal, I did it dosent look to normal though. you could use a reed switch to turn it off to avoid having a switch sticking out of it which is what I ended up with
good idea. also the bottom is just made of cardbord. you could just place a push button under that and push on the cardboard to switch it on.
From now on I am calling capacitors CAPACITATERS! Thank you Mr./Mrs. Byler family!

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