9 X 9 LED Matrix





Introduction: 9 X 9 LED Matrix

I made this matrix of LEDs a while ago. My goal was to have a display that I could control with an Arduino Microcontroller and program to make animations and play simple games. Here is my version of the classic Pong game.

This device uses an 8-bit shift register and a decade counter.
The decade counter cycles through the rows while the shift register chooses which LEDs in each column to turn on.
I think this device uses about 100mA of current nominally (Arduino and everything)
If you connect it to your computer, you can see your score in the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE.

If you would like to see the source code for this project, download it here:
matrix engine template
pong game
Here is a full size schematic of the Arduino shield that I built:
high-res schematic
If you have DipTrace, you can view the schematic with the DipTrace schematic editor.
schematic file

If you have any questions, please post a comment and I'll reply to you as soon as i can!

Thanks for checking out my project! Good luck building it if you choose to do so!



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    dude what happened to the schematic?

    Ok. I updated the schematic link!
    Also, I uploaded my original .dch file in case you have DipTrace and want to view my schematic!
    And I added some source code to get you started if you are so inclined to use it.

    Hope this helps!

    thanks now I can try this project

    Awesome! You should post an instructable of your own when you get something put together!

    Good point. I forgot about this particular project. I will look for the schematic. I may have already made it but just not uploaded it.

    Either way, I will update this article with the scematic soon.

    did you find it yet I just checked the link but I didn't see the schematic so is there any other referance I can check to find the schematic?

    I'm currently making the schematic. I didn't find it anywhere. I'll have the schematic up maybe later today or this weekend. I'll post it here when I'm done.

    thank you very much I have been wanting to do this but I haven't had the stuff nor the schematic so that could have been a problem but I will have the stuff hopefully by the end of this month I need 81 LEDs a shift register and decade counter oh and a bunch of resisters and transistors

    well I hope you are able to build it!
    I think one of the more interesting challenges with this project was wiring the Matrix of LEDs. I had to do some interesting solder work

    ok thanks I have been wanting to do this project but need the schematic