The Killer Bees Robotics team developed this solution in 2015 and now we would like to share it with all of the FIRST Robotics Community.

The VexPro VersaPlanetary Gearbox System is one of the most versatile and flexible components ever created for use in FIRST Robotics. This tutorial shows you how to make it even better. For all of its strengths, sometimes the VersaPlanetary gearbox and motor assemblies are hard to fit into tight spaces. With a simple adaptation using a commonly available drill adapter, now you can literally make your VersaPlanetary gearboxes reach around corners!

This solution uses the Dewalt Right Angle Attachment - P/N DWARA100. This is a great little component, featuring a lightweight magnesium housing, ball bearings, and hardened impact rated bevel gears. Our tests show it to be over 90% efficient even under heavy loads. Selling for under $20, it is a great part at a bargain price!

Our particular application in this example is a 90 degree gearbox driving an internal chain drive inside of a 1" x 2" box tube. This exact solution was used in our ball collector design on Buzz21 for 2016, however you can use this method for all sorts of other right angle power transmission robotics applications. We have two of these Dewalt 90 degree devices on our our current robot, with different speeds and output configurations.

Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

Materials Needed (Right Angle Assembly)

Optional Materials Needed (Additional parts for full collector drive assembly as shown)

Tools Needed:

<p>Very cool build! I love the detail in your documentation! Keep up the great work! </p>

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