I wanted to change the power cord for my laptop from a straight connector, to a 90 degree connector. Fear of snapping the straight connector off was my motivation for this project.

Step 1: Find a Compatable Connector

My HP Compaq 6720s had a strange power connector that has a spring in the middle to connect the pin. I found the correct one at Best Buy. Its made by Jensen. The power adapter itself will not be used. We are using just the supplied tip.
I wish I would've found this long ago! I actually have an HP with the same power cord, and sacrificed a 90&deg; male barrel jack plug from a transformer in my junk box that fit the laptop. I ended up splicing the cord very close to the 'brick' since the cord I had was long enough.<br>I also noticed while searching that the barrel jack charging adapter for the original Sony PSP did fit and operate sufficiently with my HP laptop. That seems to be the one thing manufacturers go cheap on, is the power cords - and aftermarket solutions are costly! Kudos for turning a poor quality product into something practical and usable.
Smart idea! Your cord is definitely going to last a lot longer now that you have a 90 degree adapter. Thanks for sharing your good ideas with the rest of us. <br><br>http://beverlyashley.commercerocket.com
This is a very good idea but does anyone know where you buy them form (locally) in your own area is it a specific place or can you get them in any local hardware shopp
I bought a bunch of generic power supplies and tried the different tips. Eventually I found the jensen brand at best buy fit perfect.
I've had this same idea recently. The straight plug on my computer worries me so I'm looking for a <a href="http://beverlyashley.commercerocket.com">90 degree adapter</a>. I've heard that if you go with universal ac power adapters they tend to be a bit cheaper. Is that true? Either way, what's a good brand of adapter to look for?
I really find the effort worth it,but you could also attach the cord to that little clip on the plug and keep it like that for a bit.After you detach the clip,it tends to be 90-deg for a bit.
Very nice hack! Easy to do, and very useful. I featured it on <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.dailyhack.net/2009/02/90-degree-laptop-power-cord-hack.html">The Daily Hack</a>. Keep up the great work!<br/><br/>Charlie Flowers<br/>
Looks slick, My friend dropped her laptop and bent the power plug, this could be a perfect solution for her.
That looks really cool.

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