90V 60W Solar Panel





Introduction: 90V 60W Solar Panel

In this video we show how we built the high voltage solar panel we custom made to charge the 72V 2kWh li-ion battery installed in the Nobuo-01 electric Kart.We used 14 protected 6Vmp cells connected in series. For bigger installations in series you need to add bypass diodes in each cell (or panel in series) in order to avoid a shaded cell become a resistor.In our case we used a PWM solar controller but if the voltage of the finished panel is appreciably greater or lower than you battery voltage you need to use a MPPT controller*info: https://www.facebook.com/evmadrid1

Step 1:



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    But if you have a high voltage panel at say 90 volts what controller can you buy to handle that? Most are only built for 20 to 40 volts max?

    There are configurable solar controllers for a more broad voltages, prepared for 60V, 72V and higher voltage batteries. Look for them with nominal voltages as 60V, 72V, 84V solar controllers

    Been looking for two years without sucess . Thats why I asked. Can't point me at any can you?