9/11 Out of a $20 Bill





Introduction: 9/11 Out of a $20 Bill

this is a cool way to impress your friends with this 9/11 out of a $20 bill trick

Step 1: Get Right Side

make sure you have the right side to start with. you should have the front side facing up

Step 2: Fold

you should have the front side facing up now. now take the bottom of the front side and fold it up. you should see half of the back side

Step 3: Fold

now take one side of the bill and fold it over. it should look like this. this step is mostly for making a center line. once you fold it over, unfold it.

Step 4: Fold

now take the left side of the bill, and fold it up so that the edge is along the center line. it should look like this

Step 5: Fold

now do the same thing with the right side.

Step 6: Finish

now your finished! show this cool trick to your friends, i do it all the time and they still cant figure out how to do it



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I can't help but t wonder: WHAT WOULD POSSESS YOU TO FOLD A $20?!?!?!?!

You can do it with a 10 to.

Today in school my teacher showed us this instructable,
Then I told him that there was a similar trick and he shoud google "jeff the killer" (Its a famous CreepyPasta) then later when he was gone then a guy in my class googled it . . .

has anyone ever put together that 9 + 11 = 20??? and the fact that our national emergency line is 911? just a thought...

what does 9+11=20 have to do with it

911 is the emergency line so 9+11=20 and 20 dollars is the bill that is uncanny to just be a coincidence

Well, 911 is also Canada's emergency line, that one is just a coincidence.

Everything else probably is too though. Anyway, everyone can think what they want I guess.

and it looks like a paper plane with ouy the bottom bit :)

i think they made it 911 because its hard to accidentally push with a 4 by 3 number pad