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Next time you have to replace a 9V battery, UpCycle it before you recycle it.  I'm always building battery operated devices and never have enough battery holders or connectors around.  But I've found a quick and simple way to make 9V Snap connectors from discarded batteries.

1 - Carefully remove the top from the 9V battery making sure not to damage it.

2 - Cut 2 pieces of wire to the length you want - one black and one red. I typically use 20 or 22 gauge wire.

3 - Turn the battery top over so the terminals are facing down.

4 - Solder the red wire to the female terminal (the larger, cup-like one), and the black wire to the male terminal.

5 - If you want to insulate the connections you can use a dab of hot glue, or cover them with tape.   


AllanL35 (author)2016-11-14

like it must try

novelchip (author)2013-10-26

simple and genius !

Jacrooster (author)2013-02-06

Do you have to cut off the terminal side of the battery because you didn't mention anything about that.

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