9V High Brightness LED Clip on Flashlight





Introduction: 9V High Brightness LED Clip on Flashlight

I bought a few of these super bright LEDs off Ebay from China. $18 for 30. They are 0.5Watt, 55,000 MCD, 100ma 140 degree viewing angle. 6 of these LEDs are brighter then my 3watt flashlight with the cap off and one can light up a room enough to be a night light..

I would put it in the SANYO Envelope Battery contest but it is not a AA, AAA, C, or D.



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    hey thanks!

    good one,

    can you please post or upload the circuit diagram Rough one will do,

    on how did u connected the 3 -resistance with the LED's

    as i assume these are superflux/piranha LED's

    and are 4-pins, 2 anode and 2 cathode.

    Please post the diagram,


    I made one with 12 regular leds... about as bright as that, if I can judge from the pictures, but I might be wrong.

    oh that so easy to make. i have assembled .5watts leds arrays for my old flashlights for more than 10 times!!!

    so these run off 5v? or is it 3.4-3.6 like every other LED ive seen. I say 5v because the amperage is 0.1A and 0.1A x 5v = 0.5 watts, yada yada yada etc

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    They call them .5 watt. They are 3.2-3.6V

    post instructable please