9V Lantern





Introduction: 9V Lantern

I had two goals with this, one don't solder and two make it like post over on gizmodo showing a 9V Lantern.

I had recieved a few emails about making things without soldering, I guess to some thats intimidating. So here I skipped that complicated soldering process...

Step 1: Parts

9v battery
flashlight bulb
bulb mount
film canister
9v battery snap connector
hot glue

Step 2: Wiring

So wire your light bulb mount up, I just stripped the ends of the wire and twisted them around the posts. Remember I am trying not to solder here...

Step 3: Glue

put some hot glue on the bottom of the bulb base/socket/thingamajig and glue it to the bottom of the film canister.

Step 4: Cut Out

cut out the inner ring of the film canister lid, this should be big enough to fit the top of the battery in snugly.

Step 5: Put It Together

So drop the top on, run the 9v battery snap connector through and bask in the glory of the lantern like ambiance.



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    for the 9v snap connecter i use old 9v batteries. if you have never noticed, 2 9v batteries can be linked together and they can overheat (and catch fire?). if you CAREFULLY take apart a dead 9v you can harvest the top piece and use it instead of buying them. dont hurt yourself tho.

    You can also link together an infinite number of 9volts and make a super battery and take over the world!

    Yeah i linked about 20 9V(some half dead some more than half)And i reached 60 volts! WOW I put it to a tiny 5V motor(like those from cheap fans) and put it there and it spun like superfast!(it smelt bad though,for some reason)


    i linked 7 rechargeable 9v batteries and got 63v.

    Aha, Mine where half dead, if not completely dead...


    why not use a Christmas tree bulb? should be at least 4v though.

    my precious flashlight bulb burned out as soon as i connected it to the 9v battery

    too bad ill use it as a bullet know

    wow,this is actually useful since mom won't tell me where the soldering iron iron is (even though i'm way better at soldering than her).

    My mom hid it from me too, but it was because I left it on all night....