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Introduction: 9V Lantern

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I had two goals with this, one don't solder and two make it like post over on gizmodo showing a 9V Lantern.

I had recieved a few emails about making things without soldering, I guess to some thats intimidating. So here I skipped that complicated soldering process...

Step 1: Parts

9v battery
flashlight bulb
bulb mount
film canister
9v battery snap connector
hot glue

Step 2: Wiring

So wire your light bulb mount up, I just stripped the ends of the wire and twisted them around the posts. Remember I am trying not to solder here...

Step 3: Glue

put some hot glue on the bottom of the bulb base/socket/thingamajig and glue it to the bottom of the film canister.

Step 4: Cut Out

cut out the inner ring of the film canister lid, this should be big enough to fit the top of the battery in snugly.

Step 5: Put It Together

So drop the top on, run the 9v battery snap connector through and bask in the glory of the lantern like ambiance.



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    for the 9v snap connecter i use old 9v batteries. if you have never noticed, 2 9v batteries can be linked together and they can overheat (and catch fire?). if you CAREFULLY take apart a dead 9v you can harvest the top piece and use it instead of buying them. dont hurt yourself tho.

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    You can also link together an infinite number of 9volts and make a super battery and take over the world!

    Yeah i linked about 20 9V(some half dead some more than half)And i reached 60 volts! WOW I put it to a tiny 5V motor(like those from cheap fans) and put it there and it spun like superfast!(it smelt bad though,for some reason)


    i linked 7 rechargeable 9v batteries and got 63v.

    Aha, Mine where half dead, if not completely dead...


    why not use a Christmas tree bulb? should be at least 4v though.

    my precious flashlight bulb burned out as soon as i connected it to the 9v battery

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    too bad ill use it as a bullet know

    wow,this is actually useful since mom won't tell me where the soldering iron iron is (even though i'm way better at soldering than her).

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    My mom hid it from me too, but it was because I left it on all night....

    wouldnt be good if you have a baby and 2 cats running around

    i love your stand how long did it take to make it.

    Just a heads up. Astroblade -- You're using a lightbulb from a standard (2 AAA - 2D cell) flashlight, aren't you? :-) Try grabbing a bulb from the camping department meant to work with 9volts, not a normal 3 volt variety. Or, in the name of hacking, open your case, remove 2/3rds of the cells, if they look like AAAA batteries, just cut 4 loose with scissors, poke a hole, and rewire to the terminal. Slip the bottom cover back on and fix with some superglue.

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    my batterie had this green cassing alkali butt it was filled with something that made my skin burn

    i have like 7 bikes in my garage that i can use...................... p.s. how do u gety a picture by ure name

    where o you get all of those cassettes and chainrings? And I thought I amassed a lot of these thing :P

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    I worked in shops all through college and then I am a pack rat when it comes to bike parts! Waste not want not... -Joe

    Just stop by a bike shop and you can walk away with at least a dozen sprockets. Did that for an art project last year.

    How long does a battery last with that "current" setup? (no pun intended)

    Hey if you don't want those bike gears can we work out a trade or something?