Introduction: 9v Battery Disassembly

Curious to find out what's present inside a 9 Volt zinc carbon battery?

Go ahead..... Read this instructable to find out and try to do it yourself.

Step 1: Introduction

Caution:Although carbon Zinc batteries do not contain any harmful chemicals but still its important to be careful while disassembling these batteries.

The 9v battery is composed of six 1.5v carbon zinc cells connected in series. The top plastic card holds the terminals, whereas the bottom plastic card just completes the cell. The folded edge of the outer casing applies mechanical pressure to the end plastic cards to “squeeze” the cells together to make contact. The cells are made of electrolyte soaked carbon powder.

Note: The outer casing is only for mechanical rigidity and doesn’t serve any electrical function.

Step 2: Tools Required

1. Multimeter

2. Knife

3. Screw Driver

4. Nose Pliers

Step 3: How to Do

  1. Use a Nose pliers to bend the folded metal sheet on top edges.
  2. Locate the seam that runs down the side of the battery – this is where the metal “casing” for the battery is crimped together.
  3. Using a small screw driver, carefully peel out the above metal casing.
  4. Carefully detach the top plastic that contains the battery terminals.
  5. A Stack of six carbon zinc cells is seen. Separate the cells from the stack using a screw driver.
Watch Video for Detailed Description

And...You are done.

Step 4: Things We Got

1. Six 1.5 v carbon zinc cells(dead)

2. Outer Metal Case Sheet

3. Battery Terminals

4. Bottom cover

5. Happiness..:-p

Thanks for Reading..:)


iheartkookies made it! (author)2016-03-25

um...i got this/6 AAAA battery's? Um can i have an explanation?plz...

Techgenie made it! (author)Techgenie2016-03-27

Yes sure, this is not surprising.
The battery that is disassembled in the video is a very cheap chinese battery that provides very less milli amps of current. It contains 6 Zinc carbon cells.
The battery that you might have disassembled should be a branded one with high current specifications. It has 6 alkaline cells that lasts longer and provides high current but it is quite expensive.

Ultra-Indigo made it! (author)2015-06-19

I always thought that they were more like 6 AAA cells inside. Cool stuff to see.

Techgenie made it! (author)Techgenie2015-06-19

Thank you very much.

We find six 1.5v AAAA cells serially connected in 9v Alkaline batteries but since this one is a zinc carbon battery, it does not have those.

alby21europa made it! (author)2015-06-19

not all batteries are like Europe we have three mini battery inside

9 volt (3V+3V+3V IN SERIAL CONNECT) :)

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