Introduction: 9v Battery Flash Light

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took 9v battery and broke flashlight circuit board and button off a broken flashlight.

Step 1: Solder

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solder positive to + and negative to negative

Step 2: Hot Glue It All Stiff and Tight

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i put hot glue all around circuit and + wire that hung i glued down an put lanyard on bottom

Step 3: Use As Light or Safety Light or Emergency.

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i strapped lanyard to my cycling pack to add night ride so i know im seen i have a head light and rear red blinker but I know ill be seen with these 3 bright L.E.D. lights


Phil B (author)2016-10-07

I am curious about the broken flashlight from which you took the circuit board. Was the voltage input for it also rated at 9 volts? LEDs are rather sensitive to the current levels supplied to them. I recently did an Instructsble on how I added an LED to illuminate the water level in a Keurig coffeemaker. I wanted to use an LED flashlight normally requiring two small 3 volt batteries and I wanted to supply it with an old 9 volt battery removed from a smoke detector. I used a calculator app. for LEDs to learn the value of the resistor I needed to supply no more than 25 milliamperes of current to the flashlight. It worked very well, but could have burned up the LED if I had not properly limited the current with the resistor indicated by the special calculator.

fullclip765 (author)Phil B2016-10-16

it originally took 3 triple AAA batteries a couple bulbs i tried not all worked but i got these three did, still working bright and fine really bright goof for strapping to backpack while commuting on a bike at night, some bulbs just didn't and two strobed and blew lol luck i guess.i have like amillion LEDs

JunezRiyaz (author)2016-10-07


fullclip765 (author)JunezRiyaz2016-10-16

thank you

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