9v Battery Safe





Introduction: 9v Battery Safe

About: im a maker

a safe made from a 9v battery.

Step 1: Wht You Need...

all you need it a dead 9v battery.

tip: you will need some wire cutters.

Step 2: Open It Up

the first step is to open the top of the 9v just cut the corners and use a screw driver to pull it back

Step 3: Pull Every Thing Out

take every thing out whats inside may vary but there all have 6 1.5v batterys.

Step 4: How to Fold

ok this is how you fold you money

1.fold in haft
2.roll tightly arond somthing
3.stuff all that in the battery

Step 5: Close It Up

next to finish up your safe you have to make it look like you didn't shove money in it so fold the metal back over the top so it won't open.

Step 6: Your Done!

have fun with you safe!



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    12 years ago

    When you take the battery apart, you'll find 6 AAAA batteries-which are normally expensive.

    3 replies

    Yeah... for all those devices I have that use AAAA batteries.

    It would be interesting to keep one of the AAAA batteries in there to charge up a capacitor and shock anyone who tried to take the money out. Just an idea...

    4 replies

    It probably wouldn't be much of a shock. A single AAAA battery would probably just give someone a mild tingle, nothing really unpleasant. It would also be a dead give away that the battery is hiding something

    Note that he said "to charge up a capacitor", 1.5V would give an un-noticeable shock, but by using it to charge a capacitor, 1.5V can become many hundreds.

    thats creative. but i just keep my money in a mini m & m container. (very inconspicuous). i keep it in a box of lots of random stuff.

    5 replies

    You could even use a good 9V battery. Remove the two rod-shaped objects on the inside (and don't mix them up, or you've got problems) and fold the banknotes in half. Wrap them around the rod things and put them back in! Ta Da! Warning: Battery could leak or explode (be careful).

    2 replies

    I got a photo of the inside of a battery with bricks wrapped together in a plastic film. It's not a great photo but you should be able to make out the bricks. I think (I'm not sure) they're used in those cheaper batteries because they're probably cheaper to make than 6 AAAA batteries.