Picture of 9v battery safe
a safe made from a 9v battery.

Step 1: Wht you need...

Picture of wht you need...
all you need it a dead 9v battery.

tip: you will need some wire cutters.

Step 2: Open it up

Picture of open it up
the first step is to open the top of the 9v just cut the corners and use a screw driver to pull it back

Step 3: Pull every thing out

Picture of pull every thing out
take every thing out whats inside may vary but there all have 6 1.5v batterys.

Step 4: How to fold

Picture of how to fold
ok this is how you fold you money

1.fold in haft
2.roll tightly arond somthing
3.stuff all that in the battery

Step 5: Close it up

Picture of close it up
next to finish up your safe you have to make it look like you didn't shove money in it so fold the metal back over the top so it won't open.

Step 6: Your done!

Picture of your done!
have fun with you safe!
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dll9329 years ago
When you take the battery apart, you'll find 6 AAAA batteries-which are normally expensive.
Yeah... for all those devices I have that use AAAA batteries.
most new lazer pointers take AAAA batteries
Also Streamlight Stylus flashlights-which we have dozens of where I work for inspection.
kewl, ill hav to try it :)
It would be interesting to keep one of the AAAA batteries in there to charge up a capacitor and shock anyone who tried to take the money out. Just an idea...
It probably wouldn't be much of a shock. A single AAAA battery would probably just give someone a mild tingle, nothing really unpleasant. It would also be a dead give away that the battery is hiding something
Note that he said "to charge up a capacitor", 1.5V would give an un-noticeable shock, but by using it to charge a capacitor, 1.5V can become many hundreds.
send me something on how to do that.....
thats creative. but i just keep my money in a mini m & m container. (very inconspicuous). i keep it in a box of lots of random stuff.
But what if the thief wants some M&Ms? :O
Remember, thieves look almost everywhere
yes, but will they look into a m&m case? if they rob ur house, they'll know to check the 9v batteries.
only if there on this site all the time
eyebot1176 years ago
You could even use a good 9V battery. Remove the two rod-shaped objects on the inside (and don't mix them up, or you've got problems) and fold the banknotes in half. Wrap them around the rod things and put them back in! Ta Da! Warning: Battery could leak or explode (be careful).
WARNING: Your money could also burst into flames
So, I guess it would be best to use a dead one then... Or just spend the money.
I got a photo of the inside of a battery with bricks wrapped together in a plastic film. It's not a great photo but you should be able to make out the bricks. I think (I'm not sure) they're used in those cheaper batteries because they're probably cheaper to make than 6 AAAA batteries.
ya, they're bargain store brand batteries,
i had a green one and it burnt my skin
Armaggedon6 years ago
is this dangorus?
lkik6 years ago
good until some one finds the battery and trys to use it so they throw it out
Nice idea. Who would think of looking in a freakin battery for money? Only thing is, how do you make sure nobody throws the dead battery out?
Von Klaus9 years ago
what about someone testing the battery (by licking it). he/she says it is dead and tosses it away?
hahaha that reminded me of a time of playing truth or dare in a basement. my girlfriend decided to dare me to lick a 9 volt didnt end good for me
mrtools (author)  Von Klaus9 years ago
thats why its easier to put it in something so they dont
andy608 years ago
nice idea, but i would most definitley forget it was in the battery lol
hack124x7689 years ago
About the "Battery Virus", It is possible for laptop computers. Most all Li-ion laptop batteries have a microcontroler built in for monitoring the voltage of the cells and cut off power when nessicary to keep them from going flat dead when in use, or exploding when charging (those suckers are freaky). It could be possible to load one's own code to that chip if it was a flash rom instead of a normal rom. If you are a windows user, look in your device manager and you will see your laptop's battery, that should be proof enough. Nice idea for the safe, btw. --Andrew
have you ever seen the movie bicentennial man cause you called yourself one and your name is Andrew. thats kool "be possible to load one's own"
the robot on that movie is named Andrew and calls himself one
Yes, It's a good movie. I rarely call myself one, unless I'm in character or something.
klee27x9 years ago
Wow. This looks like a great way to lose your money.
keep it in your project box
HAHA I agree in two days ill be like what is this trash and throw it out.
Trimaster8 years ago
i bet i would throw it away by accident XD
No they don't - it's a single battery of six 1.5V cells. A battery is a collection of cells.
mrtools (author)  eviloverlord8 years ago
that's correct. but they can be used as batteries if you want.
dude, stop being a grammar prick.
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