9v Battery Status Indicator Circuit





Introduction: 9v Battery Status Indicator Circuit

This is a 9v battery status indicator circuit.One of my friend asked me to build this as he wants a 9v transistor radio battery status indicator. Thats why i build this circuit it works great and another thing about this circuit by changing the 'ZENER diode" you can rebuild this circuit for other low power battery. I used Green and Red led as green Led light's up when the voltage is upper than 6.9v and Red led lights up when the voltage drops to 6.9v . Its simple and reliable all the parts are commonly available and low cost also. 

parts List :

Led (RED & Green )
ZENER 6.2v (for using with 9v battery)



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sir can i ask for a ckt for 6V battery status indicator? thank you!

please reply me as quick as you can.

First time, I build this circuit, I also faced a problem, where two LEDs lit up when voltage is above than set value which determined by zener diode. So, I make some modifications on its base resistor at transistors, and it worked out. Hope it will help you guys! Done with Proteus 8


Conzrzzzzzzz ......

This circuit sound great to make a flip flop circuit however I have tried in Multisim and the red and green light both are lighting till 6,9 volts.

Actually, I would like to make this circuit in 7,4 lithium battery and I have tried to calculate the reistance and I find it quite difficult.

Do you know any page to calculate it, or could you show your results in your project.


sir can i ask for a ckt for 6V battery status indicator? thank you! :)

please give me a NP4.5 6v 5Ah battery charging indicating circuit diagram

Ok i will try bt it will take little time