9v Led Keyboard Light





Introduction: 9v Led Keyboard Light

This is a led keyboard light powered by a 9v battery

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Things you will need are: Led kit For rc vehicles

Old webcam


laptop/computer to mount on

9v battery to power leds

Step 2: Atttach Frontal Leds

This step is simple attach the blue leds to the front with 2 pieces of tape

Step 3: Attach Rear Leds

This step is relatively similar to the frontal led attaching but quite harder being that you have to add 2 more wires in very close proximity to the other 2. Although this may sound easy its harder than to be expected because the wires are quite stiff.

Step 4: Attach Battery (no Pic)

You will need a way to attach the battery on so it is not dangling off the back stressing out your wires. Use a 4 inch long piece of tape to attach the battery but leave the - and + side of battery exposed.

Step 5: Mount and Use

In the picture the leds are not plugged on because they are too bright for the camera and it blurs immensely. In conclusion the led keyboard light works very well and is very effective in dark rooms when you cannot see your keyboard. Also if I win the Glow contest I will give away the things I cannot use or don't know how to use, one of these things being an Arduino Uno So if I win Someone else does too!



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