9v Usb Charger Power Bank





Introduction: 9v Usb Charger Power Bank

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today im going to show you hoow to make a power bank or a usb phone charger in almost no money

you will need

a 9v battery

a usb female

a 5v 500ma voltage regulator (can be exteracted from a non usb charger it has a hole on top)


1% luck

but the most important you need pro soldering skills best of luck

Step 1: Get It Fast

collect every thing the females outer strips should be used but keep the others inserted

Step 2: Thats the Idea


Step 3: Solderrrrr

solder it

Step 4: Now Try

now try if it works well it should and remember to solder carefully

best of luck with that

please favourite it and follow me.................

if troubleshooting plz inbox me



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    I have a question, i have seen This scematic many times, and Some have one öre two capacitors. Why does have Some scematic that? And yours not

    1 reply

    well yes good question before building this I was confused too but since the reguator is our converter (9v to 5v) it plays the role of resistors and fuses to however if you add optional switches and led, s then I would recommend resistors etc thank you