kelson12345 (author)2012-05-10

I seriously thot that was a pipe

conrad141 (author)2010-12-13

Change the misleading pic

motleyjust (author)conrad1412011-09-26

I agree, but since it has been so long, apparently he doesn't intend to.

mimsmall (author)2010-03-07

For the who cares category: The first boys band in America was started by boys humming on wax paper wrapped on combs. They produced music that impressed the school system to provide regular band instruments. Many years later I played in this band, 1948-51. Yikes!

motleyjust (author)mimsmall2011-09-08

When and where was that?
There were boys bands in America playing on Zobos, (kazoo instruments that looked like brass horns) in the late 19th century. Was it before that?

mimsmall (author)motleyjust2011-09-12

1854 The school was the Farm and Trades School, Thompson Island, Boston Mass. The history is archived in the Healey Library, UMass, Boston.

motleyjust (author)mimsmall2011-09-12

Thank you for your response.
1854 was at least 40 years before Zobos were produced.
I will try to see if I can obtain documentation on that, because I definitely want to include that in the Kazooz group.

motleyjust (author)motleyjust2011-09-12

I found info about the school establishing the first boys marching band in the country in 1857 (perhaps as an result of the comb and wax paper band).
Nothing so far on the comb and wax paper band; still looking.

tomonto (author)2008-08-05

pipe and saws arent exactly free...

zupperzipper (author)tomonto2008-08-06

Like you don't have them at home?

tomonto (author)zupperzipper2008-08-06

I don't have pvc pipe lying around...

zupperzipper (author)tomonto2008-08-08

then use a toilet paper tube...

tomonto (author)zupperzipper2008-08-08

the rubber band would make it collapse.

zupperzipper (author)tomonto2008-08-09

No it won't... But you can also use Tape.

tomonto (author)zupperzipper2008-08-09

putting your mouth on a paper tube would make it quickly fall apart.

zupperzipper (author)tomonto2008-08-10

Ok ,you win...

It's a "almost 100% Free Kazoo"

motleyjust (author)zupperzipper2009-07-24

No, he doesn't. You have obviously never made a toilet roll tube kasoo, or you would know you don't put your mouth around it (an difficult thing for anyone but Joe E. Brown). You put your lips inside the tube. Thousands of school children have made these. I'm sure you can manage to do it, too, if you try.

Joe E. Brown or Paris Hilton

musicalbee2003 (author)2008-08-06

Okay, Absolutely Free Kazoo.
Toilet Paper Tube
Wax Paper (Or Bag, Good idea!)
Rubber band
Process. Cut a square of wax paper that will fit over end of TP tube. Cut a hole in the tube. Put Wax Paper square over tube and secure with rubber band...
And hey, Presto, you have a free, "Eco-Groovy" Kazoo!

Okay, Absolutely Free Kazoo.
Toilet Paper Tube
Wax Paper (Or Bag, Good idea!)
Rubber band

Sorry, but don't have any rubber bands. Would a little bit of water and flour work as a very cheap glue?

OR you could just hold the bag/wax paper :D

Kiteman (author)2008-08-05

It would be nice to see actual photographs...?

zupperzipper (author)Kiteman2008-08-06

I like 'paint' more... :-)

Kiteman (author)zupperzipper2008-08-06

And we like seeing you've actually done it more... ;-)

pyro13 (author)2008-08-05

woah cool! I'm going to go make one of these ;D

Mitten (author)2008-08-05

We always used a piece of wax paper on a comb, but this works too!

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