Picture of A 3-D Gorilla From Cardboard
The gorilla from the glue bottle looked like a good candidate to be a three dimensional mask to mount on a sign for the wall.
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Step 1: First, Make A Sketch

Picture of First, Make A Sketch
I used the picture on the bottle to draw a life-sized version of the gorilla. I just grabbed a piece of orange paper because it was there.

Step 2: Next I Copied The Sketch 4 Times

Picture of Next I Copied The Sketch 4 Times
I wanted to make a four layer gorilla, so made the copies and cut them out.

Step 4: Glue Layers Together, Then Paint

Glue pieces together as shown. A minimal drying time is needed, so that painting can be done almost immediately. I used acrylic craft paint to paint the various structures as shown.

Step 5: Make The Eyes

Note how the eyes are made of three separate pieces of paper. The largest is white, which is then painted with yellow around the periphery. The iris is cut from black paper, and then a highlight is added by cutting them out of white paper as well. All pieces are glued together, and then added into the "eye socket".