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Introduction: A 3D Printed Front End Loader

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My new heavy machinery vehicle, similar structure to to the Excavator I've uploaded since July:

And this time I've simplified some structure of the arms. Reduce some freestanding bolt as possible. But both retained playability.

Step 1: My Loader Mainly Assembled With Three Colors

My black filament ran out while printing the blade, so I used a green instead.

Here is a graphic of color classify: You can place the same color sets together in one plate.

Step 2: Exploded Directions:

Step 3: Top & Side Grilles & Smoke Pipes

Step 4: Cabin

Assemble the two retroreflectors on the cabin.

Set the seat.

And steering wheel as well.

Step 5: Terraces and Ladders

Connect the two side terraces with ladders, cylinders. (The terraces should be yellow)

Insert into the side bulges on the body.

Step 6: Beam

Assemble rear lamps and number plate on the beam. Add it to the tail.

Then cover the cap.

Step 7: The Pressure

Bolt-on the pressure.

Insert the pressure stick and connect it to the fore boom. (All the size of the nails/nuts are same)

Connect the blade next.

Step 8: Main Body Assemble

Directly insert the main body into the front body. (Then cap the body nut)

Step 9: Wheels

Put Axles into the hubs.

Insert inner axle at the other side.

Then assembled wheels.

Step 10: Finish

Quick assembled bulldozer, if you think it not chanllenging enough here are some packages more complicated:

http://www.shapetizer.com/design/23506110061005920... http://www.shapetizer.com/design/9960507031095332...

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    Definitely, took a reference to the real loader and learned the structure.

    There are no .STL files, but you can only get it printed on https://www.shapetizer.com/design/655110504403046753.html.

    I do not mean to be nit picky. But bulldozers use tracks not tires. What you printed is a front end loader.

    1 reply

    Oh, really? I didn't make a distinction, thanks for your advise, I'll change the name.

    Thx for interest in the work!

    Very nice work! I will say that this vehicle is actually called a wheel loader and not a bulldozer. ?

    1 reply

    Just a toy's name, as long as you like. :)

    Thank you, Verticees, all owe to a good printer.

    This is great. My son would love it if I could just print out new construction toys for him. Thanks for the idea.

    1 reply

    A hand made toy would be more meaningful, have fun!

    Almost a week, only a normal quality by delta maker.