Picture of A 3D printable Pip-Boy 3000
Ever wanted a Pip-boy 3000 from the Fallout series? Now is your chance. In this instructable I have all files to print your own. It is hollow and can hold anything. You can put a paper screen in to make it look like a working Pip-Boy, or put a smart phone in to make it functional. It is designed to be as close to an actual Pip-Boy as 3D printing can print.

Find a model overview video here:

What is included in this instructable
The files for this can be downloaded in the attachments or on my thingiverse page.

I have two zip fodders. One holds all the STL files to make this Pip-Boy. Simply print one of each. Another Zip file holds the Step file. I have included this so you can modify it to your own personal needs.

Also there is a pdf file. The pdf holds the dial of the Geiger counter. The design is not mine, I simply scaled it down from this image.

What will you need
To make this you will need:
  • All the printed parts;
  • Several nice looking screws for show and for the hinge;
  • 5x M4 screws to assemble it;
  • 2x M3 screws to mount several small parts;
  • Glue;
  • Small magnets;
  • Velcro strips;
  • (Optional) filler to smooth your Pip-Boy;
  • (Optional) Paint to paint your Pip-Boy;
  • (Optional) 3x 5mm (yellow) Leds for the 3 buttons.

Build it
To make one, simply print out all the parts on any printer (the model is practically supportless, only minor support is needed) and assemble. Some parts need to be glued together (I have included pictures of complete glued assemblies of parts). The screen assembly is held to the body of the Pip-Boy by 5 M4 screws that tap into the plastic. Also 2 M3 screws are needed to rotate the knob and to hold the part with the buttons in place. Two simple wood screws are used in the back for hinges.

The Velcro is mounted in the double slot at each side of the front half. the Velcro is strapped around the arm to hold the Pip-Boy in place Several small magnets hold the two halves together.

Paint it
you can leave this unpainted but that is quite boring and bland. So just paint it. I tried to make the same color as the original, I failed, the gave up, then painted it bronze. I weathered it using black paint and a rag. I think it looks nice in this color, if you disagree, you'll just have to prove me wrong by doing a better job yourself.

Also, I never used any filler on this model. I printed it in the highest quality setting of my printer. I actually never intended to paint it. At some point I just decided to paint it anyway. For a better result, I suggest using filler to smooth the model before painting.

After painting you can print out the dial and glue it to the Pip-Boy.

(PS. be sure to use plastic primer, without, paint might just flake off.)

Share it
When you do build one, I would love to see it. you can share it at my thingiverse page (or any other place of your liking)

What I did extra
I also added a small circuit based on a pic628 that has 3 buttons and 3 leds. The leds sit on top of switches. When you push an led, the button beneath is presses. This circuit simply turns on the led that was last pushed. I won't upload this circuit because I use hardware and programming tools for this that are hard to come by in any country other than the Netherlands. It works fairly simple so anyone with even a little bit of programming skills should be able to build something like this.

(Original design of the Pip-Boy 3000 belongs to Bethesda Softworks, This model was made by and belongs to me)
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dcrawford1215 days ago

Excellent model, when I get my 3-D printer I'm going to print this out straight away. Though I have modified some parts of it in 3DS Max and I'm ging to try and put a working speaker in it and some green LEDs so a light comes on too. All in all, can't wait.

JonathanR151 month ago

How do I edit the STEP file so I can resize the cavity to fit a galaxy S2 (12mmX63mmX11mm)

zwilson5 made it!11 months ago

I made a small modification to my model. Instead of using the electronics, I made it so that the knob turned individual leds on. I also put a small speaker in the side and connected it to my Droid Razr "pipboy screen".
Once again, Great design dragonator.

2013-09-26 13.30.45.jpg

Which Razr model is this? Any videos or other images?

It is the original Motorola Droid Razr, and I do have a video here.

richyrichuk8 months ago

i am just about to get M4 and M3 screws, what length are these, anybody know? or if you can use interscrews

What length did you end up getting? I'm at that point in my project.

mark.davis.58760 made it!3 months ago

This is the one that I painted (even managed to fit my phone in it with a pip-boy app i found on the internet)

14 - 1 (3).jpg

Which phone and app did you use?

syncerely2 months ago

I noticed the pic says holding a samsung galaxy, but which model? Anyone care to list which phones they have fit into this successfully? I have printed the model and I am contemplating messing with an arduino board or putting a phone in.

do you know where i can print this if i don't own a 3d printer?

Check your local UPS Store to see if they offer the service.

Depending on your home country, you can search for a local DIY club...often if gli subscribe for it they will have a 3d printer u can use
zephigirl4 months ago
What phone should be put in it? I have a samsung galaxy s3 and s2, do you think I could use one of them?
papayabadger5 months ago

When I print this, do I have to scale any of these pieces up or down?

Lewis72067 months ago
This is brilliant, but I was wondering, there are loads of Geiger counter instructables out there... Do you think you could incorporate one into your pip-boy?
PRhyme0018 months ago

This is the greatest thing ever. Just downloaded files and sent them to printer, will post when I get it finished!

Does anyone know the size specifications of the open area? I wonder if i could fit my Nokia Lumina in it...

i am printing as we speak, can get you these soon if still needed

Looks like a 4.3. The post below this one has zwilson5 showing that a droid razer fits in there pretty well, and they [Droid Razer's) have a 4.3in display.

voidrunner11 months ago

How many cubic inches of powder would you use to print this? Trying to figure out the price of using my school's 3D printer, new to all this.

kierens11 months ago

I dont own a 3d printer T-T I WANT ONEEE (ik its coming a lot but can you please make me one?i will pay.)

kierens kierens11 months ago

(ps I dont need the electronic components. and if yes how much?))

laburnham12 months ago

Hey there, I'm getting ready to print my own and was wondering what is good filler to use? Cheers and again, great job!

laburnham1 year ago

This is awesome! Great job!

Wpotratz made it!1 year ago

this was so much fun to 3D print at my school! i think the only problems i had with this was getting the screws to go in, but other than that, i love it!!!!

my pip boy.png

Fantastic, just commissioned a 3D print of this from someone on this site:

Was quoted at $60, well worth it!

Thank you so much for your comment! i've been looking for a way to get this printed for me and i'm getting my own commissioned too!

Thank you so much for your comment! i've been looking for a way to get this printed for me and i'm getting my own commissioned too!

cfairless1 year ago
This is superb, thank you! I'm going to make one in my woodshop class, so glad my crazy teacher bought a 3d printer. I have a question. Will It work as an actual phone case? I have an iPhone 4 and I don't want it to bounce around or fall out when I use it.
adaminc1 year ago
Someone needs to throw this on a metal 3d printer!
nfrooney1 year ago
I received my 3d print today and going to start assembly tomorrow, but I have 2 questions for whoever can help!!!
1) Where can I find the leds that are mentioned in the instructions?
2) Any suggestions on type of paint I should use and colors? I'd like it to look as similar to the game as possible and I'm not sure what would be best.

Thanks!!! :D
You can buy them, they are called round flat top LEDs. Digikey sells them, lots of other companies probably do too.
dragonator (author)  nfrooney1 year ago
1) these leds sadly can't be bought. I ground down the tops of ordinary 5mm leds to make these.
2) I currently use acrylic paints. They dry quite quick, allowing me to paint several layers a day. While the pip-boy was an experiment for me, the laser pistol turned out spot on with these paints. Weathering can be achieved with black paint for dirt and silver paint for scratches.

Hope to have helped and good luck.
popeye12311 year ago
make me one
ynze1 year ago
Wat voor microcontroller heb je gebruikt voor de leds? Je maakt me nieuwsgierig :-)
mrcaderly1 year ago
Extremely cool! Great build and it looks amazing! I too have played all of the Fallout games and this brings a big smile to my face. Thank you for sharing!!
starvin1 year ago
well i would have made the Pimp boy from New Vegas..but then again you did it first sooo.. nice job fella!
Teachable1 year ago
OK this is fckin awesome!
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