I have to say that people in polyamorous relationships don't have it easy when it comes to buying things. There are no tables for three in restaurants, or holiday deals for a family of four adults. And one problem always comes up - all beds that are on the market are for either one or two people. There are no more-some beds, that's it. So, I decided to build one.

The bed ended up 2m deep and 2.7m wide, comfortably sleeping four people. It is also modular - if I move to a place which won't be big enough to hold it, only one part can be used, leaving me with a 2x1.8m king size bed which is still quite ok for 3 people. Those sizes are determined by the sizes of mattresses available on the market, and can be reduced if instead of a king size mattress you want to go for a queen or double.

Additionally, the bed has a couple tweaks to suit our kinky lifestyle. One major one - it serves as a support for my bondage suspension frame, visible in the pictures. Of course, the bed can be made without such extra features in mind.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Wood (S stands for on the single mattress side, KS on the king size side):

5x     2060 x 44 x 44 (posters)
1x     2060 x 70 x 70 (frame support poster)
2x    220 x 120 x 20 (KS support boards)
2x    1952 x 120 x 20 (bottom sides)
2x    1952 x 20 x 20 (bottom side support)
1x    2000 x 120 x 20 (bottom inside KS)
1x    1946 x 120 x 20 (bottom inside KS-S)
1x    1970 x 120 x 20 (bottom inside KS-S 2)
1x    1726 x 120 x 20 (bottom front KS)
1x    1732 x 120 x 20 (bottom back KS)
1x    860 x 120 x 20 (bottom front S)
1x     880 x 120 x 20 (bottom back S)
2x    1952 x 100 x 12 (top sides)
1x    1946 x 100 x 12 (top inside KS-S)
1x    1726 x 100 x 12 (top front KS)
1x    1732 x 100 x 12 (top back KS)
1x    860 x 100 x 12 (top front S)
1x     880 x 100 x 12 (top back S)
18x    1800 x 40 x 8 (mattress support KS)
18x    900 x 40 x 8  (mattress support KS)

If you are going to put the bed to some heavy testing (more than 6 people in it, especially if they are having sex), I recommend getting several additional 220x120x20 boards to use as additional support for the bottom side boards and 140x120x20 for the bottom inside boards.


c. 40x     100 x 5 (for most boards and poles)
c. 100x   20 x 3 (for mattress support boards and attaching the central support in KS)
4x            60 x 6 bolts with nuts (for attaching the S extension)
4x            70 x 70 corner braces (for attaching the central support in KS)
4x            50 flat braces (for attaching the central support in KS)


4x    king size duvet covers, or any fabric which will cover the surface of twice 2x2.7m, twice 2x2m for the sides (allow some extra fabric for the ruffles) and one 3x2.3m for the canopy.

Wood stain and varnish (about 1l each)


Power Drill
Files and sanding paper
If you will get all the wood cut to size in the shop, you won't need a saw, but I guess it's always good to have one in case anything needs adjusting.
<p>What is the approximate cost of this?</p>
<p>Did you use some sort of application to create the plans and generate those jpgs? Interested in creating a queen size version and might be fun to use whatever it is you used to design.</p>
Mostly MS Paint and Word, to be honest ;)
<p>I noticed that the slats on the KS side of the bed are parallel to the sleeping couple on that side. Would that not make the slats less structuraly strong? The design otherwise looks very nice. The one addition I would do is place 5/8th plywood on top of the slats for strength.</p>
Wonderful Project for the Alt and Fet communities. Thank You so much for posting these (the suspension addon is a wonderful touch). I'm posting the link to this instructable (along with some of your pics here) on my Fet related Facebook Groups and Pages.
Thanks! Sure, spread the love! ;)
as soon as i saw the color combo it reminded me of an open/sex room photo that i saw at a local club and then i saw the suspension and i was like...YEP. lol ;)
This one is private, and open to some friends ;)
Once you stop being &quot;average&quot; an awful lot of things cease to be simple. This is an interesting solution, thanks for posting it.
Oooh, I love it! I'm posting this on fb for all my poly-friends. &lt;3

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