Introduction: A Annoying Balloon Trick

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Ever wonder if there was any way to annoy sibling I know I have in this simple how to i will be showing you how to annoy siblings with a balloon

Step 1: You Will Need

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1. A location like stairs a loft etc 2. A balloon 3. Balloon pump 4. A target

Step 2:

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The bed is a stand in location and the hat is the target

Step 3: How It Works

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Now you might be wondering "what the heck" what you will need to do is put the balloon on the pump ...

Step 4:

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Pump the balloon to Desired size

Step 5:

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Go to your chosen location

Step 6: Firing

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Rot fire the balloon place you thumb on the bottom of the balloon and when you ready let go

Step 7: Stats

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Power : the more air the more power Reload speed : 6.1 seconds Accuracy : 3/4 targets hit 75% $ : the price of a balloon and some sort of pump

Step 8: End

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That was my how to leave a comment rating this how to and remember stay awesome


Transforminglegodude (author)2013-08-17

I would think accuracy was low because its a balloon but, it works!

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