I need to add this disclaimer, this instructable is for lack of a better word GRUESOME, if you are weak in the stomach or do not like to see dead mice then PLEASE do not view this.
I do not remember where this idea came from but if not mine then I applaud the inventor. I was fed up with putting mothballs, Irish Soap, Fabric Softener and any number of concoctions to keep the mice out of my classic and antique automobiles. I just hate the little buggers peeing in the crevices which is the prime cause of staining and rusting in the interior of the car. This works and works well. PLEASE-PLEASE REMBER TO USE RV ANTIFREEZE.


To begin this instructable you will need the following; one 5 gallon bucket (plastic is preferred), antifreeze if you are in the freezing zone. I show in the photo automotive antifreeze but it is preferable to use RV Antifreeze as this is nontoxic. . A length of wire such as fencing wire or a metal coat hanger long enough to go across the bucket diameter with a bit left over, A pop can and a drill.


Mark where your holes are going to be, I try to place the holes just under the top lip of the bucket and mark with a marker. Next drill the hole.


Here I am drilling the second hole on the opposite side of the bucket.


Here I am inserting the wire thru the hole on the far side of the bucket


Here you see the wire going thru the bucket with the far end of the wire curled around the lip


You will now need to make a kink in the wire on the far side, this is to keep the can from being pushed to the bucket edge.


Here I am drilling the hole just a bit larger than the diameter of the wire on the bottom of the can nothing precise just try and get as close to center as possible, try not to squeeze the can you need it round.


Here I am pointing at the top of the can and have moved the tab so it is over the hole, also note where the wire is this is critical. If your can does not have a tab you will have to drill a second hole.


Here I have pulled the wire thru the can and made a judgment call as to how much room I will allow the can to slide on the wire, you want it (can) not to slide to much try and keep it in the center of the bucket. Add about 3 inches of water and antifreeze, this will drown the mice but also prevent them from jumping out.


Once you get the can where you want it try and pull the taught before you fasten the wire to the bucket, you want to try and keep half of the can above the top of the bucket, once satisfied cinch the wire. Smear On the peanut butter .


Place the trap so you can add a convenient  walkway but make it so the mice have to reach for the bait this way it is going to make a sure SPLASH also try and keep the bucket up so good critters do not get at it.


Not a clear picture, but some people might not like the look of dead mice, there is a total of five mice in the bucket after one week. Antifreeze does two things one is to prevent the water from freezing and two it acts as an embalming so the mice do not stink from decomposing. Come Spring after the warm up you can take and dump the bucket into the garbage can or dispose as you see fit, remember if you used automobile antifreeze in you trap it is hazardous.
<p>Here's my bucket trap installed on my kitchen. I hope I would get some rodents next morning.</p>
<p>the thought of Mouse Soup grosses me out. I think ill put a bowl of this in the bottom of the bucket.</p><p>&quot;1 Cup flour</p><p>1 Cup Sugar<br>1 Cup Baking Soda</p><p>Those three ingredients, which everyone has around the house, are all you need to get rid of your rat or mouse infestation.</p><p>Once the ingredients are mixed together, place small amounts in tiny bowls, and store them in places where rats are leaving their droppings.</p><p>The reason that this edible poison will kill rats is because the bicarbonate in the baking soda will mix with their stomach acids and kill them. Rats can not burp or belch, so they will die.&quot;</p><p>Another site used a plastic deli container lid instead of the can d it worked well for them.</p>
<p>I don't think killing mice is the right thing to do. Yes they may seem worthless but they are very helpful and my case kawaii. </p>
My mice are too smart for this trap! Tried it and all I got was mold on the peanut butter!
There is a critical distance that the plank needs to be from the can also I have never had any luck in the summer as food is to plentiful, I do this in the winter months when the mice move back indoors, infact this winter past I even had a weasel meet his end.
<p>Wow! How big was the weasel?</p><p>Thanks <br>for the detailed directions for this trap! Something has been eating my <br>cat's food out of his dish and leaving us a lovely rodent present in the<br> dish. Besides mice, one of the poops looked longer, so I'm hoping we <br>don't have rats inside too!</p><p>Hey, how far should the ramp be from the can? BTW it's a bit misleading-- the first picture shows the ramp right at the edge of the bucket.</p>
Thanks and good job!
Well thank you, I was amazed as to how well the trap works and I should update the last photo. Last Friday I had to empty the bucket as it had some ten of the critters in it, also I did not have the RV antifreeze right and the water was freezing. I now have increased the strength of the antifreeze. Only thing I ask is that you do not use automotive antifreeze if you are in a freeze zone due to the deadly nature of antifreeze. This bucket is up where the dogs cannot get at it but a Ferrel cat could. <br>JimG
Very good point. Also a very good trap. Would plain cooking oil work to make the sides slick and themselves slick so they couldn't climb on each other to climb out of the bucket? I don't think oil (safflower or corn) would freeze either but I might be wrong on that. Anyhow I'm wanting a live capture trap and oil might be more humane that antifreeze.
<p>If you get a tall enough bucket, my guess is that mice won't be able to jump out and the plastic 'walls' will be too slippery for them to climb up. If you leave them too long though, they might be able to chew their way out? (I once left an empty bucket outside that had had bird seed in it, and a squirrel chewed through the bottom looking for the seed!)</p>
I like to make my own and this works great, I have a crawl space at the back of my basement and hang the bucket from a floor joist with a plank from the crawl to the bucket and no mice. I do reccomend RV antifreeze as it is a non polutant and is safe for the pets. <br>Have a great SUMMER and thank you for the comments. <br>Jim
A recent drainage project cleaned up a nearby ditch which made everything look real pretty but it chased hordes of rats into the neighborhood. I made several of these using thin metal tubing and pvc pipe for the spinner (materials on hand) I was catching 2-3 a night for a week or so and now seem 2 be rodent free
I just saw a trap like this on Ask This Old House the other day, and i love the idea! Although theirs was a mass manufactured one, i like yours!
I have an even better mouse trap. It's a cat. So far he's killed like five to seven in my house.
Can't stand cats for too long. They purr in my lap and come to me when I make cat sounds, but they stay up all night and I don't get any sleep. I like a quiet house, so I can hear the Ninjas coming in ! But enjoy them if its what you like. To each his own!
No worries! I understand. Actually, my cat is generally pretty calm and quiet, and he doesn't bother me when I'm sleeping. He actually gets in bed with me and sleeps in the nook behind my knees. Keeps me warm in the winters. He does try to wake me up in the morning when I don't get up, which is a nice feature. lol
Wouldn't they just drown in water ? what about epsom salt water something less volitol to the ecosystem ?
Being that I live in the salted road world one notices that the salt does not go away as it stays in the environment, the RV antifreeze is, as far as I have read about as safe as one can get . If I had my way salt would not be used anywhere as it does pollute the ground, water table and lakes. <br>JimG

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