Hello all! I have recently really gotten into film photography after my father gave me his old Pentax K1000. I am relatively new to film photography buy have learned a lot so far.

The goal of this Instructable is to provide a detailed, easy to follow set of directions so you can be taking pictures as soon as possible.

I am writing these instructions based on my Pentax K1000. These instructions apply for most analog cameras. If your camera won't  accept the film/ won't work according to these instruction, I will be glad to help you out. That being said, I cannot be responsible for any harm to yourself or the camera.

I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Getting Stuff!

Getting started with film photography is relatively easy. A decent 35mm camera can be found for less that $100. Ask relatives, thrift stores and antique stores. You can also use eBay, but the prices may not be as good/as reliable.

I use the K1000 which is a very reliable and good quality camera that takes nice pictures, and I highly recommend it to the beginner. Please don't get one of those electric auto winding/ auto focusing ones! They are not nearly as cool!

Any type of quality film is good. Black and white is my favorite, but that's just personal taste. Try a local drugstore or photography store.

Look for a flash if your camera does not have one. A neck strap is pretty essential. Other things include a tripod, various lenses to experiment with and a carrying case.

Got it? Good! Let's goooo!!
<p>This were great instructions! On my camera the ISO/ASA setting is on the underside of my lens and then the Aperture and Shutter speed. As I adjust shutter speed there is a window to the right of the dial that shows different numbers starting at 3.7 and going higher. Any idea what that could be?</p>
<p>Thank You for these instructions</p>
<p>thanks so much for this tutorial. easiest one i've come across so far. helps too that i'm starting with a pentax k1000. just have one question. after loading my film, i turned the film advance lever but it feels sort of choppy every time i turn it. does this mean i didn't load the film properly?</p>
<p>do you have any pics that you took with the camera and what aperture/ shutter speed you used?</p>
Nice instructable, thanks for sharing!

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