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Introduction: A Beverage Dispenser


For the lack of a better description, I decided to name this 'ible "A Beverage Dispenser". This is not an original idea as I've seen a similar one on a different site. This is just my version.

**Update#2: Adding a section explaining how to place a bottle into this contraption.

**Update #1: I got a message from 'ible member JordanB104 who has a different dispenser on his etsy. Please check out his original design. www.etsy.com/shop/manmadeformancave?ref=hdr_shop_...

There is really not that much to explain as to how to make one - the final product is self explanatory.

The BOM:

* a base - two wooden planks

* pipes -

***brass straight tee ( 3/4in),

***brass 1in to 3/4in reducer,

***steel 3/4in flange,

***3/4in brass female to female connector,

***5in long 3/4in threaded pipe

***3/4in garden hose faucet. (Update: the rubber in the faucet will react with alcohol turning your brew funky green. Use a stainless steal spigot).

* misc:

***wine cork and 4 screws

Step 1: The Base

For the base I used a piece of scrap wood that was cut in two. A 4in hole was drilled in one of the pieces, both were glued together, routed, and sanded.

Next I slightly torched it, sanded again and put 3-4 layers of Polycrylic finish.

Step 2: The Plumbing

As I used a combination of steel and brass hardware, I wanted them all to look the same. I used metallic Gold spray paint on a steel pipe and a flange to match the color.

To plug the lower section of the pipe I used a wine cork and a bit of silicone (not shown).

The bottle cap went into the 1in reducer on the top.

Step 3: Attaching a Bottle

The question I've receive several times was 'how do you screw a bottle into a fitting?'.

As it turns out, a regular coke bottle cap can be screwed on various bottles, not just coke bottles. In my case, it worked fine with Jack, Royal, and Hennessi.

What I did was I dremmelled a hole in a bottle cap, and screwed it into a fitting. Then a bottle can easily go into a fitting.

Step 4: The Final Result

Screw all the pipes together and attach to the base.

Stick a bottle of your favorite beverage and enjoy. Please drink responsibly.

Thanks for reading!

Step 5: Troubleshooting

Based on the comments, there appears to be two issues with the design. I'd like to summarize them below.

I also would like to thank folks that contributed to the solutions by offering them in the comments section.

Problem 1 ( the biggest one): The drink will not pour.

The root cause: vacuum is created in the bottle and that prevents/restrict a liquid flow.

Solutions (there are several one of various degree of effectiveness, all are based on the premise of letting air into a bottle):

- Don't tighten the pipes, the fittings or the bottle too tight. That might cause some minor puddling of liquid around the points of contact, but it worked well for me.

- A drink pourer.

- A vacuum break. I did not work for me, but if you can get it working, please post it.


- Add a tube connected to the pour vent. Look for 'shakerj65' for explanations/pictures in the comment section

Problem 2. After several days of alcohol sitting in the bottle, the liquid comes out black/green.

The root cause: the alcohol deteriorates a rubber seal in the spigot.


- Why would you let it sit for several days? Drink it all! That, of cause, is a terrible advise and you should ignore it. The truth is I use my dispenser for decorating purposes only and don't keep any liquid in it.

- Use a stainless steel spigot (Thanks for advice, RustyE4!)

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2 Tips

I work in the heating/plumbing industry. Under no circumstances use steel fittings on this design. When changing the bottle, the steel will corrode and rust, contaminating your drink!! Steel fittings and pipe are not compatible with potable(drinkable) water!!

I use a ball valve. There is no rubber in it.

3 Questions

Do you use teflon tape on each connection? Is teflon tape safe with alcohol

Did you glue the cap in place or is it just sitting


Do you use teflon tape on each connection? Is teflon tape safe with alcohol?

To avoid using an unsightly tube to allow air in, I drilled a very small hole with a diamond bit in the bottom of my Jack bottle, cleaned it thoroughly, and plugged it with a small round of rubber from O-rings. It's easy,,,,take it out,,,pour,,,,and when you are through entertaining, put the plug back in. This also allows you to use the same bottle over and over - just refill it with new liquid with the plug in. Works fine !

Lindo... Pero necesita entrada de "aire"...

I have seen similar setups where they drill a hole in the bottom (top) of the bottle to allow air flow. what are your thoughts on this

Here’s a couple mor pictures


Just a couple of ideas for the build. If you search on eBay for CO2 bottle top they have many tops that have two 6mm knib outputs. If you could add some 6mm pipe/tubing to the knibs and route one back up above the bottle top for the air lock and one down into tap itself. Then potentially this might help the spillage issue as well. I had thought of using a drinking water faucet as the tap itself which might also look good and most use 6mm pipe.

Thanks for all the help. Using your steps, and adding a few of my own i got it done. Thanks alot.

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Would be great if you can post it, Uh_Rich. I am still unable to figure out a long lasting holder for the bottles on top. Making it independent of make [coke, Jack or even wine bottle]

The dremelled coke cap doesnt last long and if shaken a bit, it tends to topple out and make a big splash!


Did you solve the anti spilling problem. Both putting it on and removing without spilling is a challenge.

You would have to turn the unot upside down to screw the bottle on.

Can anyone tell me how i attach the liqour to the setup.?

Wich fitting to i need to the liqour install.?

Hope to hear from you guys.

André - Denmark

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Andre. See step 3. I used a coke bottle cap to mate a bottle to the pipe fitting.

Rush - Texas

Has anyone used type L copper?

My solution : Cut a seal out of cork, it will do no harm to the liquid (alcohol)

below the bottle above the spigot add a tee with some sort of tubing i used copper but mainly cause it looks cool bend it upwards toward bottom of bottle ( bottles being upside down of course) leave the end open this will allow air breaking vapor lock i recommend at least 3/8" tubing the bigger the tubing the faster the flow

gostaria de saber como faz pra tirar o ar da garrafa??

Silly question, Has anyone made one out of PVC?

What about if you lined the inside of the pipes with a liquid silicone sealant? Pour it into the pipe and make sure it covers all surfaces then it dries to a solid finish. Now your beverage won't actually be touching the metal pipe at all.

And, I agree with those who mentioned using a silicone seal in the valve and ditching the rubber one.

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Yes I made one from pvc! Every thing except the base! (Floor flange)! As for the air problem I use a liquor pouring spout (like @ bars) & extend a tube from the vent hole of the spout, the length of the bottle, in the bottle, ! It's worked for me so far!