For the lack of a better description, I decided to name this 'ible "A Beverage Dispenser". This is not an original idea as I've seen a similar one on a different site. This is just my version.

**Update#2: Adding a section explaining how to place a bottle into this contraption.

**Update #1: I got a message from 'ible member JordanB104 who has a different dispenser on his etsy. Please check out his original design. www.etsy.com/shop/manmadeformancave?ref=hdr_shop_...

There is really not that much to explain as to how to make one - the final product is self explanatory.

The BOM:

* a base - two wooden planks

* pipes -

***brass straight tee ( 3/4in),

***brass 1in to 3/4in reducer,

***steel 3/4in flange,

***3/4in brass female to female connector,

***5in long 3/4in threaded pipe

***3/4in garden hose faucet.

* misc:

***wine cork and 4 screws

Step 1: The Base

For the base I used a piece of scrap wood that was cut in two. A 4in hole was drilled in one of the pieces, both were glued together, routed, and sanded.

Next I slightly torched it, sanded again and put 3-4 layers of Polycrylic finish.

Step 2: The Plumbing

As I used a combination of steel and brass hardware, I wanted them all to look the same. I used metallic Gold spray paint on a steel pipe and a flange to match the color.

To plug the lower section of the pipe I used a wine cork and a bit of silicone (not shown).

The bottle cap went into the 1in reducer on the top.

Step 3: Attaching a Bottle

The question I've receive several times was 'how do you screw a bottle into a fitting?'.

As it turns out, a regular coke bottle cap can be screwed on various bottles, not just coke bottles. In my case, it worked fine with Jack, Royal, and Hennessi.

What I did was I dremmelled a hole in a bottle cap, and screwed it into a fitting. Then a bottle can easily go into a fitting.

Step 4: The Final Result

Screw all the pipes together and attach to the base.

Stick a bottle of your favorite beverage and enjoy. Please drink responsibly.

Thanks for reading!

Step 5: Troubleshooting

Based on the comments, there appears to be two issues with the design. I'd like to summarize them below.

I also would like to thank folks that contributed to the solutions by offering them in the comments section.

Problem 1 ( the biggest one): The drink will not pour.

The root cause: vacuum is created in the bottle and that prevents/restrict a liquid flow.

Solutions (there are several one of various degree of effectiveness, all are based on the premise of letting air into a bottle):

- Don't tighten the pipes, the fittings or the bottle too tight. That might cause some minor puddling of liquid around the points of contact, but it worked well for me.

- A drink pourer.

- A vacuum break. I did not work for me, but if you can get it working, please post it.


- Add a tube connected to the pour vent. Look for 'shakerj65' for explanations/pictures in the comment section

Problem 2. After several days of alcohol sitting in the bottle, the liquid comes out black/green.

The root cause: the alcohol deteriorates a rubber seal in the spigot.


- Why would you let it sit for several days? Drink it all! That, of cause, is a terrible advise and you should ignore it. The truth is I use my dispenser for decorating purposes only and don't keep any liquid in it.

- I haven't see a solution to this problem in the comment section. Since the reason for the color change is a rubber breakdown, it would stand to reason that a rubber-less spigot would fix the problem ( I don't know if they make those) or try replacing rubber with a soft plastic.

If anybody has a solution to this, please post it in the comment section.

How do you screw it in without spilling?
You would have to turn the unot upside down to screw the bottle on.
<p>Silly question, Has anyone made one out of PVC? </p><p>What about if you lined the inside of the pipes with a liquid silicone sealant? Pour it into the pipe and make sure it covers all surfaces then it dries to a solid finish. Now your beverage won't actually be touching the metal pipe at all. </p><p>And, I agree with those who mentioned using a silicone seal in the valve and ditching the rubber one. </p>
Yes I made one from pvc! Every thing except the base! (Floor flange)! As for the air problem I use a liquor pouring spout (like @ bars) &amp; extend a tube from the vent hole of the spout, the length of the bottle, in the bottle, ! It's worked for me so far!
Hey guys I'm making a 2 bottle dispenser but I can't seem to secure the bottles. I tried using 3/4 fittings but the bottles won't screw in. I also tried the 1'to 3/4 reducer but the bottles wobble and leak. Does anyone know how to secure the bottles properly? Thanks for any feedback
<p>Take a 3/4&quot; to 1&quot; reducer and screw a used bottle cap into the reducer. Drill a hole through the used cap. Make sure the hole is almost the as large as the cap to get proper drainage from the bottle. Put a little epoxy around the edge of the bottle cap edge to seal the bottle cap into the reducer. This was my fix for screwing the bottle in and holding it and was the cheapest. I will post some pics when I get a chance.</p>
Hi for the air problem i install some tubing in the back. I use all brass pipe, since i was worried about the galvanise and metal one that could rust with liquor or coca. The other problem i add it was that the platic bottle collapse instead of taking air in so the cola stop flowing.
<p>Hi,</p><p>just use silicon sealings. You can make your own btw. Search the net for it.</p>
I made it!
How did you plug the bottom pipe?
Never mind, found it in the text!!
Oh to hold the pipe in place unless you have a pipe threader I made the hole big enough to get the 1/8 pipe inside the tee and put a 7/16 x20 nut on the inside threaded it as best I could and put glue around the outside
Hey guys just made one and thru reading the comments about the air lock I tried with success putting a pipe in the side of the tee (I used a 1/8in brass pipe 3 inches long if your not using a box with a 1x6 box I used a 4in pipe then an elbow and then another 5in pipe ) I have great flow and no leaks. My question is how do you put the bottle onto the pipe or box without spilling liquid all over
Hi i would like to know how did you sort out the air lock problem
<p>i will try monday thanks from france</p>
<p>i did it but the whisky doesn't leak from the tap, i think that some air should comme in the bottle to make the whisky flows. however when i put gentlty the bottle on the top it work but it's unstable, i afraid the bottle falls...</p>
<p>Brass over time will diffuse &amp; turn your brew black. You are much better off using Stainless steel pipe &amp; fittings (the higher the grade the better). </p>
<p>how much did it cost</p>
Tried something similar and found that the bottle air locks if is sealed into the pipe. Had to leave it loose in the top fitting.
<p>i have the same problem, the liquide will not flow, i am trying to figure out a way to let air inside de bottle, i thought to drill a small hole in the side of the reducer and solder a small copper pipe ( the smallest i can find) and rise it to the bottom of the bottle ( or the top since it is upside down). What do you guys think?</p>
You need to install what they call a vacuum break. <br>That may fix this issue.<br>http://m.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-3-4-in-Hose-Bibb-Vacuum-Breaker-VACBFPZ4EB/205815672<br><br>
<p>does this go on the end of the faucet?</p>
<p>Thanks! I'm going to try it.</p>
<p>It did not work. :(</p><p>It is apparently designed for high pressure. I even tried removing a spring, washers, and little plastic thingies inside - it did not help.</p><p>I'm wide open for more suggestions. Thank you</p>
Try what kruoneko01 did, it does work. It took me awhile to get my adapter to work.
<p>Can you send the pics? I could not get it to work at all. Thanks.</p>
Your getting there, don't think you would need to add the pipe but that could be your style.
<p>Working on something similar. Ran into the same problem. Did you ever figure out a solution?</p>
You need to install what they call a vacuum break. <br>That may fix this issue.<br>http://m.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-3-4-in-Hose-Bibb-Vacuum-Breaker-VACBFPZ4EB/205815672<br>
How did you get the liquid to flow?
<p>Made this and it turned out great. That is until it turned my bourbon black. Saw some others had the same issue, didn't see a fix for it. Ideas?</p>
I used a 15mm tap (faucet) and a 1inch reducer. These two don't naturally fit together so I got a bit of 15mm copper tube and joined them with this. Worked a treat. <br><br>To keep the bottle in the reducer I wrapped plumbers table around a coke lid. (4times) then screwed it into the reducer until flush with top of the reducer. Once this was done I unscrewed the coke bottle and attached a Jack Daniels bottle with a liquor pourer attach for the air flow. <br>
I see the reducer was made in China how about the Booze. Good Job
I have just made the same thing and to solve the issue with the airflow i used a standard drinks pourer. Works perfect for me
how do you get the bottle to sit stably?
<p>I also found that the only reducer that fit most battles was the galvanized one ( I bought a few to try and solve the same issue) but that rusted after a day. They seem to have different thread. So i just stuck to the 1litre bottles because they fit.</p>
I found that only the 1litre bottles would screw in the others wobbled around.
<p>Hi, did you just attach the drinks pourer to the end of the tap (faucet) or did it go somewhere else? Want to make one for my son - in laws birthday. Thanks</p>
<p>Sorry for the delay i added the pourer into the bottle.</p>
<p>How do you keep the bottle in the pipe with the pourer</p>
<p>i was woundering the same thing having some issues gettting mine to work</p>
<p>hola , donde va el vertedor , me estoy volviendo loco para lograr que fluya el liquido , estoy a punto de rendirme</p>
<p>Yo tengo la soluci&oacute;n , si no entra aire no sale liquido ,es muy f&aacute;cil de resolver . Lo hice para regalar y menos mal que no lo entregue . No se como publicarlo y por donde . Mi correo es martinchocirmi@hotmail.com </p>
<p>dime la solucion por favor, te envie un mail anteayer y no tengo respuesta, agradeceria mucho tu ayuda</p>
<p>How are you all getting the liquid to flow properly with there being no air flow?</p>
<p>Has anyone else had any problems with the alcohol deteriorate the rubber seals in the spigot? After sitting for a few days, the liquid came out black (not because it was full of Jim Beam Black). The upper section is all made from brass fittings and the lower section is sealed off with a wine cork and clear silicone.</p>
<p>I'm having the same content discoloring problem. My fist build used black iron pipe for a more rugged/utilitarian look; that and I didn't like the idea of Jack Daniels sitting in a galvanized container for long periods. Not sure why I thought black iron would be any better. After a short period, less that an hour, I noticed with great disappointment that the previously amber JD when dispensed had darkened and turned a slightly green tint. Off to the hardware store I went to purchase all brass components for the parts that would come in contact with alcohol. Thinking that I had solved the problem I proudly delivered the dispenser to my JD-only-drinking buddy. He filled it up and the next day when he to try it out he too noted the content had turned an ugly green-ish brown, and tased terrible. I brought the dispenser back home and checked out the valve seal to see if it (the only non metallic component in contact with liquor) was dissolving or something. I cannot discern any degradation of the valve seal. So my question is, has anyone actually used one of these dispensers for more than a shelf decoration?? Bummer 'cuz so far all it's capable of doing is just wasting good hooch.</p>
<p>I made this one and I changed to whole process that others made. You have two choices, Drill a vent hole on top of the bottle and use that also as your refill port or look closely at my bottle.You will see a red hose and hat goes down to my pour vent tube that allows constant flow.This way I can use any bottle I want without refilling. Where u see my bottle attached to the top, inside I glued my spout. only problem is I made this container before I realized what I had to do. Next one I will make much smaller !! But you turn that upside down to connect bottle used 1/2 clear tubing to connect to spout and also had the fitting to attach to my spigot.It works perfectly.Easiest way, Just make a stand to hold bottle and use the same method but it will all be exposed. </p>
I made one of these for my Dad. The problem is, the part where the liquor bottle connects to the pipe started leaking and making a mess everywhere after a few weeks. If I can find a solution to this leak, I am going to make one for a friend. I tried using the cap from the bottle as a seal and that still didn't work. Any solutions or fixes?

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