For Burning Man 2016, the Luxurious Vagrants built a big, communal stretch tent that we used for chill hang outs, throwing events, and projecting artwork.

Step 1: Design

The year, my burning man camp, the Luxurious Vagrants, wanted to create a unique center structure that would serve as a relaxed hang out spot, a communal space for activities, and a canvas for projection artwork.

Of course, Burning Man creates its own set of unique design constraints. The structure has to be easy to pack and move out to the desert, relatively simple to assemble, fairly inexpensive (we’re only using this once a year), and most importantly, structurally stable in a high-wind environment.

After many iterations, our camp designed a pentagonal stretch tent structure.

The design features:

  1. one central structural element: a 20’ tall antenna tower triangular truss bought off the shelf.
  2. 5 guy lines anchored to the ground
  3. stretch fabric connecting in between the guy lines to create a shaded area

We did all of the CAD design for the structure in Autodesk Fusion 360 (screenshot pictured).

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