It was an almost normal night in the late 1950's... My father had made one of the biggest mistakes of his life, only he had no idea at the time; all he knew, is that if he could pull it off the expected reaction, it would be an hilarious April Fool's Day prank. Since he also knew that his mother (my grandma) always stuck to her nightly routine, the prank was likely to work. Each evening, she first tucked her kids in for the night, watched her favorite black & white television programs, maybe read a little bit, and always finished her daily crossword puzzle; then went to the bathroom at ten o'clock sharp, before finally going to bed an hour later.

That April 1st, she had just finished her crossword puzzle and was making her way to the bathroom. My dad was in his bed biting his tongue trying not to laugh. When his mom opened the door to the changing area between the bedroom and restroom, BANG!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! A horrific scream filled the house. At this point my dad is laughing so hard he can't breathe. His father runs from the den to where his beloved wife was screaming her brains out. after hearing the loud bang and the scream from my grandma. My grandpa was probably thinking she got shot or something. Relieved to see she was OK, they calmed down and began to realize what happened... My dad had taped some thumbtacks to the back of the hall door, and some balloons to the closet behind it. A very simple yet very effective prank. Unfortunately for my father they figured out that it was him, since his brother was too young to pull off a prank so smooth, and perfectly, like my dad did.

While my grandpa was confronting my father over the prank, my dad couldn't stop laughing, confusing my grandpa even more. A few seconds later, BANG!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Another horrific scream fills the house. My grandma had finally made it to the toilet, and lowered the lid, engaging part two of my dad's April Fool's Day prank; setting a party popper to go off when the toilet seat was lowered. Even my grandpa had to laugh at that point, though my grandma wanted to punish my dad for his pranks.

The following night my grandma and grandpa stuffed my fathers pillow with books, but my dad still says that was definitely one of his best April Fool's Day pranks, and the pay back was worth it.

Step 1: The Fun Begins

To pull off the same prank my father did you will need...

- one balloon
- one party popper or two party poppers
- a pair of scissors
- tape
- thumb tacks
- an unexpecting victim

It really is as simple as that. Also make sure you have the availablity of a restroom for a few seconds to set this prank up, and trust me its a lot easier setting up the prank when no ones using the bathroom.

Step 2: Original Set Up: Part 1

This will only work if there is a work if the door opens parallel to a wall. To do the exact same thing my dad did, take the balloon, inflate it, the last time i checked flat balloons don't pop. Then tape the balloon to the inside of the door. Try to tape it about one to two inches from the door hinges. Open the door all the way and mark where the balloon touches the wall. Now, tape the thumb tack to the wall. Now close the door all the way shut. When the door is opened the balloon should be pushed against the tack and pop loudly. Theoretically this technique can be used on almost any door.

Step 3: Original Set Up: Part 2

Now for the popping toilet part. Take the party popper and remove the cardboard disc on the bottom and remove the confetti. On most party poppers there is another cardboard disc, if so remove that too. Take your scissors and cut up the plastic body of the popper. Cut up to the neck and then cut around so all you have left is the string coming out of the explosive part surrounded by the plastic neck of the popper shell. This may be confusing for some so check out the pictures if you need help. Installment: (tricking a women) tape the neck and the explosive bit to the inside of the lid (the solid one without the hole thing) and tape the string to the seat (the one thats shaped like a U). Now raise both seats to the full up right position. (Tricking a man) tape the neck and explosive bit to the top of the main base of the toilet and the the string to the inside of the U shaped seat. Now put both lids to the full down right position. The heavier the seat and the stronger the tape (A.K.A duct tape) the better this will work. unforcunetly the tape will not stick to the toilet so if that is true for you try to find a way of sticking the explosive to the seat. Don't be afraid to use a hot glue gun for the glue should come off with out leaving a mark on ceramic.

Step 4: Other Set Ups

There are many other ways to set this trick up, for example you can take the popper and tape the explosive part to the door and the string to the door frame. The materials and locations are almost endless for this very versatile prank.

Step 5: Have Fun!

You may say what is the point of making the second one of two startling pops isn't one enough. Well, what makes this prank works so well is on the most part, the second pop. most people think the prank is over after the the first pop so they really don't expect the second one. In fact, the second pop throws people so far off balance that after doing this to one of my friends, he didn't trust any thing or any one for a few days. so just remember to have fun with this and don't get caught like my dad did. =D
Lolololol! <br>Nice! :)
How would you exit the bathroom and not pop the balloon?
oooh. a pillowcase full of books. how that must have been so traumatizing. really? wow. good prank though. its been done, but the anecdote made it much funnier.
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i Love it, it a good prank keep up the good work from coolcam
love the profile pic.<br />
you can just cover the floor in pop its.
That's cool man! I like that! Can i Post this on my blog please... That would be so kind if you. I'll post your aname too! pls. be quick.
haha this is brilliant. cant wait to try it out!
HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doesnt april fools end at 12 pm? april 1st? haha or am I being fooled?<br/><br/>And isnt april fools about 'fooling people into believing something not just playing pranks on people? =P<br/><br/>good pranks though, knowing me i'd probably set them off myself<br/>
me llamo... what?<br/>me llamo... what?<br/>me llamo... huh?<br/><br/>lol watch this if you don't get it me llamo means my name is<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmdRauWVbwg">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmdRauWVbwg</a><br/>
you name is cheese !!
NICE but.. why did you pull out the confetti? I did this to my brother, left the confetti in there and he came out in boxers, covered in confetti
hehe(last word)<br/>=<strong>I MEAN IT</strong><br/>
look at my instructable <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/kitchen_sink_prank_and_other_easy_pranks/">https://www.instructables.com/id/kitchen_sink_prank_and_other_easy_pranks/</a><br/>
for some reason a link on facebook gives me this The kitchen sink prank and other easy pranks Source: www.instructables.com A Blast From The PastIt was an almost normal night in the late 1950's... My father had made one of the … by gizmomaster
I tried lighting an explosive from a popper and it didn't do anything.
The trick is you wear goggles and hold a wind-resistant lighter to it for about 5 seconds.
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those are awesome.
fill the baloons with that itching powder stuff xD
Last year somebody brought a big bag of that to school and was tossing it at everybody.. Until he "accidentally" hit the teacher. ;) Itching powder has now been banned from classrooms, lol.
I liked it,you can scare people with that
i did this once with the other pull string poppers like this: and those port-o-jons (bathrooms)at a basketball game sometimes iwould tie them at where you put on the locks,i would hide and wait for someone to use the bathroom and when they open the door... BANG!!! ..its so funny maby someone should try it
these are great. because in ebay, the original ones are 5 buck each.
i kept the carboard on and they have a small laugh at the end of it coz bit of confetti fly around and they get more of a fright it worked 4 me
or you could fill the popper with pepper :D
ok, heres what i did. y'know those toothpick dispenser thingies? i filled one with your average ring caps, and tore off a strip from a napkin, and soaked it in turpentine. after letting it dry i stuck the makeshift fuse into the top o the toothpick 'spenser and lit it, then chucked-BOOMBOMBOOBOOMBOOBOO...BOOMBOOMBOOBOOBOOBOOBOOM!!!! QUICK AND EASY SKULLDUGGERY, BUT I RECOMMEND YOU DON'T TRY IT!
I would have taken bang caps (from the little fake guns) and taped them to the door frame. you could tape them all the way down the frame and the bang would be HUGE!!
You would have to slam the door for it to work with caps, codongolev, because they take some force to go off.
true.... rig a weight to drop on them when the door closes.
Take one of those popular "air cannons" and fill it w/ water, then rig it to the door so it fires when the door is opened. It makes a loud noise and gives a stinging blast of water to the face!
or, think of all the fun things to put in the popper after removing the confetti... rocks, water (wouldn't last too long, but it would hold for a while), stinkbombs...
the set up for woman would work for both, seeing as you have to lift the top lid no matter what.
what if you hold both at the same time
that's right
I tottaly have to try this at school. Heres my idea. You get a friend who's a girl(if your a boy) to tape two of those things that pop when they are thrown at the ground, and lift the seats up so they'll have to put them down. Realy all you have to do is make sure they can't be seen.
do it with bang caps from toy guns. they'll probably go off better.
omg i love this i would do this but sadly it is only april 23
do it anyway it will make it all the better

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