Picture of A Box To Practice Tying Shoes and Making Bows
If you need to practice tying a bow or have a child who needs to learn how to tie his or her shoes, this box is the way to go! It is economical, practical and easy peasy to make. All it takes is a few items you probably already have lying around your house and a little creativity. Now let's get started!
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Step 1: Gather Everything You Will Need

Picture of Gather Everything You Will Need
First, gather everything you will need. You probably have most of these things around your house already.
  • Box (This box is 10.5 inches x 7 inches)
  • Painting brush or paint sponge
  • Yarn (about 4 feet) (Thicker yarn is better than the single strand for practicing bows and tying)
  • Paint (Any type will do; this is a great project for leftover paint)
  • Scissors
  • Drop cloth or anything you do not mind getting paint on
  • Ruler or you can estimate how much yarn you will need if you have ninja-like measuring skills

Step 2: Paint, Paint and Paint!

Picture of Paint, Paint and Paint!
Paint the box any color you want. Make sure you cover all sides, even the bottom. Even if no one sees it, it will make your project complete. Depending on the quality of your paint, you may have to use two coats. Be creative. If you have different colored paint, use them and make your box a masterpiece!

Step 3: Let The Paint Dry

Picture of Let The Paint Dry
Now allow the paint to thoroughly dry before proceeding and make sure you have covered all sides!

It is very important to make sure the paint is completely dry otherwise the next steps will create a big mess.

Step 4: Poke! Poke! Poke!

Picture of Poke! Poke! Poke!
Now that the paint has thoroughly dried, take the scissors and poke holes in your box equidistant from each other. I made eight holes but you can make as many or as few holes as you would like since the two top wholes are the most important. That is where you will tie your bow.

Step 5: Cut Off Those Ragged Edges

Picture of Cut Off Those Ragged Edges
Now that the holes are in, they may look a bit ragged but no worries, just take the trusty scissors and trim them. Ah, much better!
Why didn't I think of that!!! Making one tonight!!
Thank you:)
Solskinner (author)  sweetsabin813 years ago
Cool! Glad you like the 'ible. Post a pic when you are done.
depotdevoid3 years ago
Hey, that's a cool idea! When I was a kid, my mom made me something similar, with yarn and a big yarn needle to practice sewing with.
Solskinner (author)  depotdevoid3 years ago
Depotdevoid, Thanks! I made this so my son could learn how to tie his shoes.

I like the idea of using it to learn how to hand sew too with a big yarn needle too.