A Brand New Way to Multiply.





Introduction: A Brand New Way to Multiply.

Here is a simple way to show children the principle of multiplication. In fact, this is easier than normal multiplication. it involves counting, paper, and a writing utensil.

Step 1: Drawing the Lines.

The first step is to draw the lines. For one factor, draw horizontal lines, for the other, draw vertical lines.

Step 2: "Read" the Result

Now count all the intersections between all lines. If all goes well, the amount of lines should be the value of the product.

Step 3: DONE!!!

Congratulations! You have learned how to multiply the new way!



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    Nice in theory but the numbers on the 2nd row don't match up: 2 x 1 doesn't equal 4 and 2x2 doesn't equal 5!

    You don't understand. In his example if you were to multiply 2x2 you'ld have to remove the 3rd vertical line which would remove points 3 and 6. You'd then have 4 points, not 5.

    Thanks! I forgot to reply again -- when I came back and looked at it, it made sense. I don't know where my head was before lol

    It's all right, we all have those days.

    How did you work that out?  Your wrong

    Isn't this practically the way you were taught? If you're multiplying A and B make A rows and B columns. That's basically the same thing.

    For those of us that are visual learners this is fantastic. I can't wait to show the other teachers.

    It is an idea. However it seems much more time-consuming than just memorizing.

    Thank you for replying, but it says in the very beginning of the Instructable that "a simple way to show children the principle of multiplication". It was never meant to be used instead of normal multiplication.