Demonstrate a Broken Heart for Valentine's Day


Introduction: Demonstrate a Broken Heart for Valentine's Day

Watch my heart get broken just in time for Valentines Day. A marshmallow filled chocolate heart is placed into a vacuum and allowed to expand. Then I let my heart get crushed when the air is let back in. Kind of like what happens in life.



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    i like this. it seems like this is what really happens. you inflate when it is going well, and then you deflate when the love is gone. a visual example of "i feel like the life's been sucked out of me" only ironic.

    How are you getting the vacuum?

    lol its his other video with the marshmellow man's heart

    like on the grinch stole chistmas! (did it have marshmello in side?)

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    He said it was a marshmallow filled chocolate heart, so yes it did :D

    Sort of depressing.

    The whole mood of this video is very emo!


    this is vary depressing