Watch my heart get broken just in time for Valentines Day. A marshmallow filled chocolate heart is placed into a vacuum and allowed to expand. Then I let my heart get crushed when the air is let back in. Kind of like what happens in life.
i like this. it seems like this is what really happens. you inflate when it is going well, and then you deflate when the love is gone. a visual example of "i feel like the life's been sucked out of me" only ironic.
How are you getting the vacuum?<br /> <br />
Emo. <sup>lol</sup><br/>
lol its his other video with the marshmellow man's heart
like on the grinch stole chistmas! (did it have marshmello in side?)
He said it was a marshmallow filled chocolate heart, so yes it did :D
what's the point of this video
He had <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elephantiasis">Elephantiasis</a> of the heart.<br/>
Sort of <strong>depressing.</strong><br/>
The whole mood of this video is <strong>very</strong> emo!<br/>
this is vary depressing

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