Introduction: A Lego Brute Plasma Rifle

Picture of A Lego Brute Plasma Rifle

hi. hope you like the instuctable

Step 1: The Pieces

Picture of The Pieces

also if you want you can change the pices to blue,if you want

Step 2: Step 1

Picture of Step 1

if you cant see what im adding im adding a 1 by 1 translucent thing on to the piece that doesnt have the two things on the back.

Step 3: Step 2

Picture of Step 2

the handle

Step 4: Step 3

Picture of Step 3

the top of the gun

Step 5: Step 4 (optinal)

Picture of Step 4 (optinal)

this is optinal

Step 6: Step 5 : Final

Picture of Step 5 : Final

there you go. have fun building!


jojoqwas12 (author)2015-07-12

sweet build but blurry pictures

jezalinko11 (author)2010-07-31

pretty good but a lot better in purple ; )

seabananers (author)2010-07-20


moocowdog (author)seabananers2010-07-28


seabananers (author)moocowdog2010-07-29

i made a purple one with this purple lego creator pod

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