List of Materials:
·      2 Packages of Sugru of the same color and 1 Packages of a different shade.
·      Scissors or cutter
·      A small plastic bag
·      1 stainless steel wire (approximately 25 to 30 centimeters long)

create by: Lizardo Augusto

Step 1:

Take the 2 packages of Sugru of the same color, open them with the scissor or cutter.
<p>love it</p>
I originally thought you got the hand from a doll or something, nice job on sculpting the hand!! This is a very cool and unique cell phone holder!! Well done!!
thanks :)
This is a very cool and practical gadget. Thank you!
This is pretty cool. Nice job
thanks :)
I like the touch of the small pellet of Sugru at the bend - it will stop annoying clicking noises on your desk.
:D <br> <br>thanks

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