Flying RC helicopter is really very exhilarating. Their versatility gives a RC pilot a complete access to the three-dimensional space in such a way that no other machines can! I have played RC helicopter for more than one year but still find that I have just learnt a few tricks that it can perform.

There are generally two micro-helicopters ( indoor ) in the RC market. I have already planned to buy one of them as they can fly inside the living room and even take off on ours hand. Unlike those operated by gas, these electric helicopters are very clean and give out no terrible noise at all. In one nightfall, I visited a web site, which is about how to make a hand made RC helicopter. I was totally impressed and started designing my own helicopter. Here is my helicopter:
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Picture of MAIN BODY
1.The material that I use to make the main body of the helicopter would make you feel surprise. It is the circuit board ( after removing the copper layer ) that purchased from electronic shops. It is made of a kind of fiber which gives abnormal strength to it.
The circuit board is cut to the rectangular shape as above( 98mm*12mm). As you can see, there is a hole on it which is used to house the main shaft holding tube as below: (2)
Brushless DC, Brush DC, And Stepper Motors From Allegro.


Picture of MAIN SHAFT
The main shaft holding tube is made from a white plastic tube (5.4mm*6.8mm) and two bearing (3*6) are installed at both ends of the tube. Of course, the ending of the tube are first enlarged in order to house the bearing firmly.
Up to now, the basic structure of the helicopter is completed. The next step is to install the gear as well as the motor. You can take a look at the specification first. The gear I used is from Tamiya gear set that I bought long long time ago. I drill some hole on the gear in order to make it lighter and have a better look.
subbur1 month ago

hii i have a small dought i have an toy rc chopper it was not responding to remote

ajax.angdem6 months ago

Hi, their i am from Nepal and in my country all the material or the tools you'r using are not available in the biggest city as i stay now so just like me with enthusiasm will feel very poor and feel sadden of not having anything in my environment so would you mind to help me with your little basic knowledge that i can full-fill my dream as-well as my friends of my school as they are the victum too.

I want to make remote for rd helicopter. Plz suggest me.
mabdullah2511 months ago

this is an old project of someone else.i read it about 6 years ago

sraza61 year ago

Hello. Can any one give me . data about RC Remote control Helicopter ... please Reply Faster...

tmduran1 year ago
That's not your project.

The logo behind the helicopter is from Militar Police, from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

You picked it up from somewhere.
j-nevil1 year ago
Looks great! May I suggest after building you check my Instructable on how to fly an RC helicopter? http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Fly-A-Remote-Controlled-Vehicle/
Faltan fotos con el resultado final. Te sugiero subir fotos con mayor resolución, recuerda que "una imagen vale mas que mil palabras".
Nice job man i really appreciate your effort and this is a good RC helicopter, thanks for sharing this information
Nice rc helicopter btw,
i have some querrys regarding this build
Q-where did you get all your parts from in india(would be wonderfull i am able to locate these parts in delhi)
Q-what was the total cost of this rc build
& you got my vote
can you link that website that got you into this project in the first place.And nice heli btw!
awesome project! you should enter it in the rc challenge!